How to get the most bang from your Black Friday bucks

How to get the most bang from your Black Friday bucks
5 shopping tips for Black Friday

5 shopping tips for Black Friday

The excitement is mounting as we hurtle headlong towards the biggest day of the year for discounted services and goods. Shoppers are bound to make rash decisions due to the frenzied hype of the event, resulting in a lot of buyer’s remorse and less money in the pocket – make sure you’re not one of them!

“We’ve all done it – come home from a shopping spree, then wondered what we were thinking buying THAT?! The euphoria of bagging ourselves a big bargain on Black Friday, is quickly crushed by the feeling that accompanies a purchase that we really did not need, and could not afford,” says Rioma Cominelli, Director at First Loyalty Plus. “With a little careful planning, you can avoid the Black Friday hangover that follows a crazy shopping spree.”

Rioma offers five tips for making the most of your money this Black Friday:

1. Shop with a pre-determined budget and a list: Avoid impulsive buying by first setting a budget, then making a shopping list, and finally, shopping according to the list. If you are anxious that you may miss out on the ‘deal of the year’ for something you didn’t even know you needed, then leave a little wiggle room in the budget to allow for one or two impulse buys. Remember that December, the most expensive month of the year is almost upon us, so don’t waste your hard-earned moolah on items you may never otherwise have considered buying.

2. Do your research: There’s a frenetic build-up to Black Friday, with many stores releasing their specials beforehand. So, if you do your research, shop around and are prepared, you really can find the best deals. There’s no time to browse on the day! Beware that some shops may keep prices abnormally high ahead of Black Friday, to then be able to offer seemingly huge discounts.

3. Shop online instead of instore: The popularity of online shopping has rocketed, thanks to the anti-social nature of COVID, but beware of the sharks! Before you click on anything, check the source of the message. Don’t reply to emails that ask you to verify your personal information or confirm your user ID and password. Before making a payment online, look at the web address to make sure it’s authentic (and check for the closed lock icon at the URL for secure shopping). Read the reviews – they’re a great way to determine whether a business is legitimate. Change your password regularly and make it strong. Don’t save your password and banking information on your browser or phone, regardless of how convenient it is.

4. Use loyalty programmes: Many store loyalty programmes offer exclusive deals, with early access for their members. Paid for loyalty programmes, like First Loyalty Plus, often offer deals from their partners that are exclusively for their members. For example, over Black Friday weekend, First Loyalty Plus members can score up to 50% discount on accommodation (visit for details)!

5. Check return policies: If an item is defective or goes faulty within six months of purchase, in terms of the Consumer Protection Act you can return it and choose to have it replaced, refunded, or repaired. If you have changed your mind/don’t like an item anymore/have regrets that you bought it, the store can decide whether to take it back (most stipulate that the item must be in the original packaging and unused; returned with a till slip; returned within a specified time). For direct marketing/online purchases, most sites will allow to you to return the item up to 7 days after receiving the goods.

Rioma concludes, “While there’s no doubt that there are massive pros to Black Friday, with irresistible deals, and the chance to do Christmas shopping at massively discounted prices, be aware of the pitfalls and how to avoid them, so you’ll have no regrets.”

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