Prominent historian Patric Tariq Mellet gives rare public appearance this Heritage Month

Prominent historian Patric Tariq Mellet gives rare public appearance this Heritage Month
Patric Tariq Mellet

As part of its month-long Heritage festival, Cultivate Collective will be hosting a keynote talk by the venerable Patric Tariq Mellet, aka “Zinto”, on the evening of 8 September 2021. The festival highlights natural history, arts and culture, music, and wine through a high-profile line-up of prominent historians, musicians, cultural figures and winemakers. Cultivate is a dynamic, newly launched initiative that aims to inspire and realise a local wine industry landscape that is made in the image of the people who live and work in South Africa.

In keeping with Cultivate’s aims, Mellet will be presenting on the topic of “REMEMBERING – Early Black Farmers & Winemakers of the Cape 1679 – 1750”. A specialist in this area, his talk will trace the beginnings of local black practitioners, bringing to light how Apartheid narratives sought to bury this vital part of our winemaking history.

Himself a formidable and highly respected figure in contemporary South African culture, politics, history and heritage, Mellet is the author of four notable books. These include: Drakenstein Erasure – The Black Roots of the Vine, An Untold Cape History; Lenses on Cape Identities – Exploring Roots in South Africa; and The Lie of 1652 – A Decolonised History of Land.

He is the recipient of provincial honours for his heritage work and a veteran of the liberation movement. He has been writing on politics, history, and heritage since his teens when two free newspapers that he produced were banned.

Exiled, he ran the liberation movement press and broadcast on Radio Freedom. Rising from a factory worker in his teens, he was the first post-1994 head of Public Relations at Parliament and also served as special advisor to a cabinet minister. On retirement in 2015, he was a commanding officer in the IMS Ports Inspectorate in the aviation and maritime law enforcement environment. Patric is co-founder of the Camissa Museum at the Castle of Good Hope, which is focussed on the stories of the peopling of the Cape.

Mellet’s talk will be presented at Cultivate Collective’s newly launched marketplace in Salt River, Cape Town venue. The talk is free to the public. There is no booking required and admittance is on a first-come-first-served basis. Attendance numbers are limited to 40 guests per session due to social distancing protocols, so it is best to arrive early to secure a place.

Venue: Unit C3, Salt Orchard, 45 Yew St, Salt River, Cape Town

Time: 17h30

Date: 08/09/2021

Entry: Free

Following Mellet’s talk, Cultivate Collective member Denzel Swarts will present a wine tasting from 18:30 onwards. Swarts will talk about his wines, Son of the Soil, with the hope of sharing his story and inspiring others. Swarts has worked in the wine industry since 2003 and is an ambitious and dynamic role-player, with his heart rooted in youth upliftment. He combines his two passions by donating the proceeds of his wine sales to his Son of the Soil Leadership Foundation.

Please note that the Cultivate Collective Heritage Month Festival programme may be subject to change due to COVID-19. Please follow Cultivate Collective on Social Media and check its Facebook Events for the latest updates, and for the other incredible talks and tastings on the bill for September.

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