Why Are Hedgehogs Great Pets to Have?

Hedgehogs are cute little things that no one can resist loving. Plus they are exotic pets, and not everyone will have them as a pet. So when you get them you can become the centre of attraction or may I say your new pet will be! 

Friends, family, neighbour everyone will want to come over and want to get clicked photos with your adorable hog. Everything in the hedgehog attracts everyone from its tiny structure to its eyes. If you are still confused about buying hedgehog, we will tell you every possible fact that can prove that they are the great pets to have. 

As we said, it is no ordinary pet; it may take some weeks to get close to you. Till then you can enjoy yourself seeing them curling up into a prickly ball but make sure you are just seeing them and not touching them. Because as you will touch them, you will feel like touching the bunch of toothpicks. That is what they do when they get defensive. 

For some time you may find him hissing and jumping on to you, don’t get surprised or overwhelmed by this, they will behave like this for the time till they feel safe and comfortable at a new home.

The thing that you need to keep in mind is about hedgehog care and its features. In this article, we are providing you with every good reason to have them as a pet. So without making you wait for longer, we will jump on to the topic.

Low maintenance

The biggest thing that keeps bothering is the maintenance of pets not only in terms of money but also in taking care of them. There are particular things that you will have to keep in mind for the maintenance of your hog. Of them, one is fresh and clean water, and another is you will need to feed them once a day. And hola! You are done. Also, the most important thing is to make sure that the room they are in is warm or has a heating pad.

They aren’t smelly

There is another plus point to have hedgehog as a pet, and that is they don’t stink at all. You would have faced this problem of smelly pets many times, especially if you had a mouse, ferret, or turtle. No matter how many times you cleaned their cages they were still smelly, don’t worry this won’t be the problem here as hedgehog themselves are not smelly. Even if you clean their cage once in a week, it won’t stink. Isn’t it amazing?

They are hypoallergenic

Even if you are a person that gets allergic when near pets, you won’t have to worry about having a hedgehog or being around them, the reason is they are hypoallergenic. They don’t produce dander as much as cats and dogs do, and that is the reason people don’t get allergic to them if you have heard of the cases of people getting allergic to the hedgehogs, that happened because of the allergen contaminated small prick in its quills. 

They are good looking

The other exotic pets are not so pleasing to the eye. But hedgehogs are the ones that you can look at the whole day and won’t even feel slightest of regret watching it. Their origin is of Africa and Asia and is undoubtedly uncommon pet, but due to its excellent looking features, it has won many hearts and will surely win your’s and your friend’s heart too.

They are easy to take care of

Having a pet can put you into a stressful condition, and that is because you will have to think about how to take care of this creature? And it scares you off especially when its a teeny-tiny one. But don’t worry, they are too tough to take care of. In fact, they are the easiest ones to take care of. They don’t need affection and attention the maximum time of your day as cats and dogs need. Only 30 minutes of cuddling is more than enough for a hog. He won’t get angry or depressed if you are not able to spend time with him (he is so understanding!). This is the perfect pet for you if you have a 9 to 5 job or you stay busy in your other work.

You are going to smile every day

You won’t have to worry about your or your family members smiling face as hedgehog will never let you suffer. Having a hog is like having a smile therapeutic at home. His cute and funny nature will make you fall in love with him more and more. Hog’s innocent eyes, tiny teeth, small ears, and cute little whiskers all together make him look more adorable, and you definitely can’t stop smiling looking at your beloved. He is straight-up cutest; no one can deny that. 


What are you still thinking? Just go and buy this sweet teeny-tiny creature for yourself. You will feel blessed having him. When you return home from the hectic day at the office and boss’s arguments and watching your hog do all the cute and funny things will make you freshen up.