Medi furbaby Are voice for pets when emergencies arise

Medi furbaby Are voice for pets when emergencies arise
Medi furbaby Are voice for pets when emergencies arise


The pet voice dream is now a reality and pet owners and treatment facilities are simply wowed by the functionality and enhanced pet safety offered by Medi Furbaby.

After careful planning Ashley and Candice finally handed over their idea to Aisure group to turn into a reality. As a world first application / website Aisure gladly took on the task and built a website, mobile application using the latest technology to produce a reliable system that is fully functional and provides a user friendly experience to all subscribers.

Subscriptions are only R210 for a year for 5 pets until 16 January 2022 as part of the launch special.

Vets and retail outlets wishing to sell Medi furbaby are most welcome order online at discuounted rates by clicking here [3] and purchasing


What do you get?

  • Should you have an emergency Medi Furbaby will contact up to 5 contacts on your nominated contacts list and inform them that your pets need to be attended to as you are unable to.
  • The supplied tag allows for persons who come across your pet to scan the tag and inform Medi-Furbaby of the nature of emergency , whatsapp emergency, email nature of emergency or sms emergency to Medi Furbaby who immediately spring into action and ensure that your pet is assisted in a speedier manner.
  • In the event of a pet medical emergency the attending vet or treatment facility has immediate access to your loved pets medical history and medical aid / insurance profile allowing for faster treatment.
  • Lost and found pets are easily traced to owner and found location

No matter what species or breed your pet is Medi furbaby will cover your pet and ensure that emergency contacts and emergency services are immediately notified and provided your pets medical history immediately. This eliminates the guessing game and waiting period in most pet emergencies.


2 Lucky individual who subscribe to Medi- furbaby will win R1000 cash instantly.

To enter simply head on over to the website , click on subscribe, complete the subscription form and checkout. Winners will be Notified immediately on check out. Competition closing date is 16 January 2023

Ashley Scheepers an entrepreneur and single mother of 2 came into the pet industry in 2019 where she ran and managed a pet food warehouse, after which she opened Big Ben food where she continues to run and grow the business daily, it hasn’t been easy breaking into the pet market however the food is complimented by veterinarians, super markets and private clients.

Ashley is a lover of pets and has owned cats, dogs, chickens, birds, fish, rats and rabbits all her life. In high school Ashley Completed her community service at AACL (Animal Ante Cruelty League). This love started in her grandmothers pet shop and nursery business where Ashley was always in the chicken cage letting the chickens sleep on her lap. Ashley’s passion for helping animals allowed her to work alongside Kiran of Aisure thus setting the standard for this system.

Ashley Scheepers Co- founder of Medi Furbaby

Candice Scheepers holds a BA in Applied Social Science majoring in counselling and psychology (which she completed at age 49 at SACAP the South African College of Applied Psychology) came up with the Idea for medi-furbaby while traveling abroad on holiday, she realized the gap in the pet industry which neglects to take care of pets when their pet parents don’t make it home. Excited she called her daughter Ashley Scheepers in Johannesburg and told her about her idea, Ashley Developed and grew the idea into the medi-Furbaby pet alert system with the help of Candice Scheepers and the Aisure Team who assisted in the intricacies of putting all their ideas into the medi- Furbaby pet alert system. Candice has had a dog and sometimes several dogs in her life since the age of 3. Candice has been an advisor and solution focused positive change consultant assisting Big Ben  Food in product development and project management and implementation for the past 2 years.

Candice Scheepers Co Founder Medi furbaby

Head on over to the Medi-furbaby [1] website and get your pet covered with a Medi-Furbaby protect plan and ensure that your pet has a voice when needed.