Personal Gratitude and Appreciation is an Inside Job

Personal Gratitude and Appreciation is an Inside Job
Personal Gratitude and Appreciation is an Inside Job. Image source: Pixabay

Life is too short to work for a job that you are not happy with. But changing your career just because you don’t like the job is also not a smart move. And sometimes, it’s just the small things that are frustrating you and if changed, will put you to ease. All of us at some point wonder if the job is really what we want to do and how to make work life easier. The answer simply lies within personal gratitude and appreciation.

We cannot do great things on this earth, only small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

Everyone desires happiness and contentment in life. Most people seek happiness in relationships, some in money, and others in something else. But, unfortunately, happiness can never be earned nor purchased from money. Happiness is an attitude that we create or carry within ourselves.

Happiness always starts by appreciating the beauty around us and approaching life with gratitude. It’s our thoughts that determine the level of our happiness, and the gratitude that can make an everlasting positive impact on the lives of people. Personal gratitude and appreciation, in professional life, are especially meaningful when these come from the management or supervisors. It doesn’t require some expensive gifts or heavy bonuses to make the employees happy, but genuine appreciation.

Do Random Acts of Kindness

There are uncountable random acts of kindness to reward people in terms of personal well-being. An employee needs an early off? Approve. Someone is late due to personal commitments? Don’t question and let it go. A colleague requested help with a task? Do it without mentioning it to HR. Someone requested to work from home because their child is sick? Allow it. Remember that employees work better when they are happy and satisfied. Also, it will make you happy for helping others and being a source of comfort for others.

Praise Your Employees Often

Another significant way to appreciate the employees is by praising them most often. As a manager, you must recognize the employees when they perform well and make sure to do it such that others notice. Otherwise, they might think that no one is paying attention to them and they may feel unwanted or get demotivated. This may lead to a lack of creativity and productivity.

Recognize Good Work

One of the major reasons that you may feel unhappy with your job is the lack of recognition of your work. It really feels very bad if nobody notices our efforts and great work.

Always give credit to employees when it is due and select an employee of the month who deserves. For example, if someone is running the whole project smoothly and efficiently, reward them by sending an email to the whole team in which mention the achievements. This will also help to motivate other employees to do well.

Praise People with Random Gifts

Who does not love to get surprises? Surprise your employees by offering them small gifts, maybe a chocolate or a new calendar for their desk. It does not have to be big but meaningful. You can also leave small token gifts on their desks like candy bars, movie tickets or gift cards with a message, like ‘Thanks for your consistent hard work.’

Give Appreciation Certificates

Demonstrate an appreciation in the form of a certificate and make them happy.  Say thank you to your whole team by signing appreciation certificates for them. This allows the employees to feel very grateful and honored.

Just Say It

The easiest way to appreciate your employees is to say ‘Thank you’ to them face to face. It seems to be a very tiny act but a simple touch of gratitude can worth weight in gold.

Be Respectful

Maintain a habit of etiquette even interacting with strangers too. Just because you do not know them, does not make sense to deny the importance of common courtesy. Respect the space of people, hold the door open for them, and be aware of how your small acts impact them.

Be an Example

Life is too short to carry a negative attitude. Positive minded people build great teams. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is a great way to ensure that you are appreciating the people who help and support you in doing your tasks.

Get Together for Lunch

Who doesn’t love bonding over good food? Take your employees for lunch in appreciation of their good work is the way that goes straight through their hearts.

Connect with People by Volunteering

Working as a volunteer is an effective way to connect with people and gain diverse experiences. The people who are reported to work as a volunteer are found to get the major benefits like increasing the level of self-esteem, happiness, satisfaction, and a sense of control over their physical health, as well as in lowering the level of depression. It has also been found to pose health benefits and subjective well-being in the people.

Celebrate Birthdays

Which way is better than saying thank you to your employees by celebrating their birthday? Everybody wishes to get remembered on their birthday. Celebrate their day by cutting a cake or taking the whole team to lunch and treat the employee’s birthday in a memorable way.

Make a ‘Thank You’ Video

Show appreciation to your employees by making an appraisal video of their efforts and achievements. Post it on YouTube or any other social media channel for your employees or send it out via email.

Be Respectful

Always smile and show some respect to your employees regardless of your personal opinions towards them. Employees whom you appreciate and motivate will reward you with their loyalty and great performance.

Let’s Start Spreading Happiness

Appreciating your employees and showing them gratitude brings a lot of benefits with itself. Kind gestures impact greatly into your life as well as in your surroundings. And ultimately making you a happy and stressful person. Moreover, appreciating your employees can also lead to a significant increase in the physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being of your employees and much more.

Let’s start to create a positive mindset to share our love and passion with the people in our surroundings. This will contribute to giving us the peace of mind and provides a sense of happiness that everybody is seeking for. Yes, personal appreciation and gratitude is an inside job.

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