Saving Is Key to Women’s Financial Freedom – National Savings Month


It is National Savings Month. Although July is a dull month for some, it can indeed be a valuable time for ladies to get their savings habits in check and to start challenging themselves to save more. According to the 2016 Old Mutual Savings and Investment Monitor, a staggering 49% South Africans (of the working metropolitan population) were saving less than in 2015. What does your current saving situation look like? Remember, saving is the key to improve your finances and uplift your current financial woes. Savings can help you reach your short, medium and long-term goals. Why don’t you renew your current situation by implementing good savings habits?

Zeeva encourages ladies to take part in National Savings Month. Women need to get into the habit of saving and to apply savings habits as part of their daily routine. You will not only feel good when you see the results but you will also set a good example for those around you. These following keys can assist you to unlock your own finances by helping you to save and to develop good savings habits.

Before you spend, save – Whatever amount you can and want to save, put it away before your debit orders go off and before you get the chance to spend it all. Start with a small savings amount and adjust it accordingly.

Incorporate your savings plan & goals into your budget – Make use of a budget system or template that works for you. Outline your short, medium and long term goals. Add a time frame to your budget as this indicates what goal needs to be reached by when.

Stop unnecessary splurges and urges – Take a few minutes, make a shopping list and stick to what you need, not what you think you need.  Don’t let advertisements fool you. Sometimes a sale is not really a sale (if you do proper calculations) and sometimes sale items are not really what you need.

Make the last leg of winter your Spending Freeze – Who says winter is dreary and that you cannot get your finances ready for a spring season? Use two to four few weeks in July to challenge yourself by using only what you have available in your pantry. Make use of interesting new food combinations and rediscover the chef in you. If you are also thinking about buying new accessories for your jewellery box, don’t. You know you have items in your drawer that you can use to give the jacket you love a nice makeover. Get creative and curb your spending by saving money instead.

If you aren’t saving, you are making more debt – If you don’t pay off your debt, implementing savings habits can become quite difficult. Try to implement the snowball effect when it comes to your debt. Try to pay your ‘smaller’ debt first and then tackle the ‘bigger’ debts. When you get rid of debt (bit by bit), you make room for savings instead.

Zeeva is a proud participator in National Savings Month and what better time for women to get their financial habits and spending goals intact, than now. The end result can lead to reaching your financial goals and financial freedom. If you are unfortunately overwhelmed with debt at this stage and you can’t find any breathing room to start saving, contact the ladies at Zeeva. Their free Debt Management Program has been developed for women by women.  SMS your name and ZEEVA to 30967 (free of charge).


About Zeeva:

The Zeeva Debt Management Program is the first company in South Africa to combine the power of the NCR’s debt review process with benefits exclusively created for women. Zeeva aims to empower South African women so that they can take back control over their debt – providing them with support and breathing space to get their glow back. Contact one of their skilled debt advisors:  0861 444 483; email: [email protected] or SMS “Your Name & ZEEVA” to 30967 (free SMS).

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