Last-Minute Tips: Keep Calm and Happy Easter

Last-Minute Tips: Keep Calm and Happy Easter

Easter time is well-known and popular among South African families.  Not only is it taking place during the school holidays, but it is also the ideal time for citizens to get away from day-to-day office activities and get a little relaxation going.

Carla Oberholzer, spokesperson at Zeeva, says families do not need to get the jitters and go to extremes this Easter. They should put their minds and finances at ease instead.

South Africans have to stay calm this Easter by making the best budget-friendly choice – whether spending time at home OR travelling. The choice is mostly like a toss-up really, BUT whatever consumers decide, they should always stick to their budgets.

The jet-setter / ‘hit the road’ option

The following tips are for those families or individuals jetting off for Easter weekend:

  • Carpooling is always a good idea when a few friends or family members are travelling to and from the same area/destination.
  • Travellers have to try and use byways (minor roads) not highways (major roads) where they can. By using alternative roads, they can save a few bucks by avoiding certain toll routes.
  • The ideal would be for consumers to have already made provision and plans for accommodation. For all the late sleepers or those not so lucky enough to visit friends and family, take a look at camping sites (especially if you have to cut on costs). Or give other alternative options a try: lekkeslaap, ROOMSFORAFRICA or Airbnb.
  • If individuals want to do some fun activities, they have to remember it does not have to cost an arm or a leg. They should use what they have available. Why not take the old Swingball set with? Or why not let the kids plan their own Easter hunt by suggesting affordable activities?
  • Families don’t have to go to restaurants to enjoy Easter weekend meals. What about a Bring-and-Braai or they can cobble together a nice Potjie – everybody can club in and make preparations and financial burdens a bit lighter. Granny can make her easy-to-make pudding and what about Aunty Jen’s famous, three-ingredient corn salad?

The creature of comforts / ‘stay at home’ option

The second option’s tips are for those individuals or families that don’t want to abandon their creature comforts:

  • Individuals have endless, affordable Easter activities that they, their partner or the kids and family members can do in the comfort of their own home. They should think of things like board games, outdoor games or making homemade treats together. They should use and work with what they already have available – getting some creativity going in the process.
  • Sharing is caring – Since Easter Weekend is a time of relaxation and quality time with loved ones, what can be better than encouraging each other to bring something to the Bring-and-Braai, picnic or nice old-fashioned fondue?

However families or individuals choose to spend Easter, they should cool their jets by having some fun and sticking to the allocated budget amount. And, for those that are planning to go away for the long weekend – drive safely.  Zeeva offers a debt management program specially designed for women. For any enquiries regarding debt counselling or debt review, consumers can send a free SMS to 30967 indicating their name and the word, ZEEVA.