It pays to save

It pays to save
It pays to save

The KwaZulu-Natal Ministry of Finance has urged citizens to make smart decisions with their money and grow the culture of saving and investing.

“We live under difficult times and we must remind each other to save the money that we have. Financial planning, budgeting and saving should be the central part of our lives so that we can create a healthy financial future,” said KwaZulu-Natal Treasury Acting Head of Department, Neli Shezi.

Speaking at the launch of the Savings Campaign at Isiphingo Taxi Rank in Durban, Shezi said it’s time that people change their mindset and prioritise saving.

Shezi urged commuters, taxi operators and street vendors to deal with their finances wisely and create wealth for the future.

During her walkabout on Friday, Shezi handed out savings pamphlets and money boxes to encourage people to save.

In South Africa, July is the month where people are encouraged to save.

Street vendor Lindiwe Majola said she has received knowledge that will help her budget better, while saving the profit she makes.

Shezi was accompanied on the walkabout by senior officials from the department, Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, KwaZulu-Natal Financial Literacy Association Trust and the South African National Taxi Council.

More savings campaign roadshows will be rolled out across the province.

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