How do I get my loan approved?

How do I get my loan approved?

Online personal loans are a long time favorite in South Africa. Personal loans are a long-term solution to long-term purchases.

Many people often ask how do I get my loan approved? While there is no secret formula to getting a personal loan approved here are some valuable tips which will help you.

Number 1. Check your credit score and see if you have a good record, this is generally the first point that lenders look at. 2. Pay you other commitments on time to ensure that you maintain a healthy credit record, should you need credit this will count in your favor. 3. Another major factor is affordability, are you able to repay the loan? Realistically if you earn R10,000 and if your current debts are R9,500 there is a very small chance of being approved however if you earn R5,000 and only have debts of R1,200 you are more likely to qualify.

We always encourage much thought and planning behind any financial decision especially those that relate to loans both big and small. Are you ready to get that loan? Let us help you today.

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