Coronavirus crisis: tips for saving money

Coronavirus crisis: tips for saving money
Coronavirus crisis: tips for saving money. Image source: Pixabay

The current coronavirus health crisis is hurting many people and one of the main consequences of confinement is the impoverishment of the population. Many have lost their jobs, others have seen their hours and wages cut… and the short and medium term prospects are bleak. So how do you save and get by financially?


At one time (in the recent past), there were discount coupons to cut in grocery flyers. This allowed consumers to save money on their purchases of food, beauty and cleaning products. Even though this way of saving has changed over time, coupons still exist, and they can save a lot. Just open your eyes to spot them!

Where to find discount coupons in 2020 to save?

Each week, there are coupons for a wide range of everyday products, such as food, cleaning products and household and family items. To peel from A to Z to find advantageous bargains!


It is also possible to browse the web to find discount coupons to print or download via a mobile application. There are also discounts offered in the form of promotional codes to be entered on the store site when making payment online. Here is a list of the most popular sites to find the best discounts:

Cash back on online purchases

This new way to save on purchases is very popular with online shopping enthusiasts. The principle is simple: the consumer registers for free on a site specializing in cash back like Refermate. He then accesses the websites of partner retailers to make his purchases.

Cash back is then mailed to him in the form of a check.

The online shopping experience is almost unchanged; the buyer is shopping on the websites of his favorite retailers and the prices are the same. The only difference is that he has to go to the cash back site first. A small detour that is worthwhile, since the cash discounts vary from 1 to 35%. And the affiliate retailers are varied; local and national companies from different sectors: beauty, clothing, sport, electronics, food, etc.

Some sites offer cash back in exchange for a photo of a grocery receipt via their mobile app. Others offer reward point programs and send free samples and gift cards by mail. The ways to save are as varied as they are interesting!

The most popular shopping cash back websites for

Spotting specials in store flyers has always been a good way to save money. Thanks to the digital age, this method has been improved and offers consumers automatic tracking options. Rather than sifting through store sites one by one in search of the best deals, simply go to a site that hosts all the flyers. In addition, it is possible to refine your search in order to find the place where the desired item is the cheapest. Are you looking for toilet paper? Type it in your search and the flyers where it is special will appear!

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