Why The Audi A1 Is A Realistic Hatchback For The Masses

The Audi A1. It’s the German car brand’s smallest yet capable hatchback in its current lineup. It’s also a model that has one plenty of awards. But here’s the thing: we all know that Audi is a marque for drivers that want premium or luxury cars. Why is the A1 a vehicle suitable for the masses?

Well, it turns out there is more to the Audi A1 than meets the eye. Keep reading, and I’ll share with you six compelling reasons to throw a wad of cash at your local Audi dealer:

1) It’s an Audi

Let’s face it. Which car is likely to give you more street cred: an Audi A1 or a Dacia Duster? We all know that Audi is a badge associated with premium vehicles. The A1 is also the cheapest one you can buy brand new! Yes, Audi cars are pricier than ones sold by their competitors. But, the build quality, performance, and technology in them are second to none.


2) It’s not as fat as the A3

I’ll admit I was a big fan of the A3 hatch when it first got unveiled back in the mid-90s. These days, my love for that model has waned a little bit. Why? I think it’s just too big for what it is. And I’m not the only one with those sentiments.

The Audi A1 is what the A3 should have been. Yes, it looks smaller than the A3 on the outside. But, the cabin and boot space are almost as big!

3) There’s something for everyone

Dealers like Inchcape Audi sell the A1 as if the model was going out of fashion. Why? The answer is simple. There are plenty of trim variants to satisfy everyone’s requirements! For example, the Sportback trims are suitable for those that seek a five-door hatchback. And the S1 is a turbocharged hot hatch that gives the Golf GTi a run for its money.


4) MINI owners secretly want to buy one

Now that I’ve got my Internet flame suit zipped up let me tell you something about MINI owners. They long for an Audi A1! Yes, that sounds like a crazy statement to make, right? The truth is, the MINI isn’t as fun to drive as the Audi A1. Drive both cars and you’ll understand what I mean.

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5) Depreciation isn’t a killer

It doesn’t matter whether you buy an Audi A1 outright, or you wish to lease one. Something that affects all cars is depreciation. The decline of a vehicle’s value over time. The Audi A1 doesn’t escape depreciation. But, the good news is that it doesn’t get hit hard by it.


6) The Audi A1 gets packed full of technology

As you might expect from Audi, the A1 comes with an abundance of technology as standard. A colour infotainment system sits at the heart of the car’s interior. You can interact with it in many ways including wirelessly. And you can even spec sat-nav in new models if you wish!