Supa Quick calls on women to join the tyre industry

Supa Quick calls on women to join the tyre industry
Supa Quick - Veronica Basson

Johannesburg August 2023– This Women’s Month, Supa Quick is calling on more women to consider the tyre industry as a great place to build a career. Veronica Basson, Business Development Manager at Supa Quick says that despite the industry’s reputation for being male dominated, she actually found it to be extremely welcoming.

“The people in this industry are straightforward and inclined to speak their minds,” she says. “I appreciate individuals who are down-to-earth and genuine. It’s a relatively small industry so your reputation is important—you need to be authentic, work hard and add value.

“From the beginning, I’ve found myself in a warm and accepting environment. I feel privileged to be part of an industry that has given me the opportunity for professional growth and learning opportunities, as well as one that shares my values.”

Basson says that navigating a male-dominated work environment has shaped her. She has always believed that whatever you focus on has power over you—she’s thus chosen not to dwell on the biases and stereotypes she’s encountered. Instead, she focuses on gaining a comprehensive understanding on the multifaceted industry in which she works in order to ensure she consistently delivers value.

“I’ve been lucky to have benefitted from remarkable mentors. Guided by their advice, I’ve adopted an attitude of appreciation and a commitment to making a meaningful impact,” she says. “In the process, I’ve learned how to leverage my strengths, embrace leaning opportunities and rise above any of the limitations that a male-dominated environment could have posed.”

Generally speaking, she believes challenges are a part of anybody’s life, and you simply have to see them as opportunities for learning and growing.

After an essential caffeine injection during which she plans her day, she makes a point of checking in with her team to make sure everybody is on the same page before dealing with the inevitable crowded inbox. Thereafter, she’s free to work on the projects currently in her pipeline—usually about 10 of them.

“Juggling multiple projects is tricky, but it’s a challenge I thrive on,” she says. She makes time to liaise with suppliers to ensure a smoother flow of resources and information.

For most working women, a certain amount of flexibility is necessary if they are to fulfil the roles of mother and employee satisfactorily. She says that Supa Quick has the most well-balanced environment she’s yet encountered from the work/life balance point of view.

“This balanced approach allows me to be both a good wife, mother and a high-impact team member,” she enthuses.

As a member of the Supa Quick team, Basson knows just how important it is to recharge her batteries. Time out in the great outdoors or just hanging out with friends and family is what does it for her.

“Working for a great company in a really interesting industry gives me a lot of scope for professional development and satisfaction—being able to balance that with family life and recreation is a true blessing,” she concludes. “Joining the tyre industry was a great move for me.”