Prep your car for the summer and save money, time and effort along the way

Prep your car for the summer and save money, time and effort along the way
Prep your car for the summer and save money, time and effort along the way

Sunninghill, Johannesburg: As South Africa steps into the final, warmer stretch of the year, said Bilaal Darsot of the Car Care Clinic at Sunninghill’s The Square Shopping Centre, getting your car in shape is as important as we would consider shedding winter’s woollies and kilos for the season.

Checking, cleaning or replacing pollen or cabin filters are important at this time of year said Bilaal. He noted: “Get rid of the gunk and freshen up the air that you breathe while driving. Remember we are in pollen season and with allergies abounding at this time of year, cleaning out the system will ensure your comfort and wellness.”

Importantly, Bilaal added, flushing out your car’s radiator and replacing the anti-freeze with a summer variant will improve your car’s cooling system performance. Bilaal said: “We tend to drive more in summer with longer distances travelled when we go on holiday. Ensuring that your vehicles cooling system performs optimally is important, but it also saves you maintenance and concomitant expenses later on.” When you take good care of your car, it takes better care of your wallet, he added.

Checking oil levels regularly is an essential part of day-to-day care. Bilaal shared: “It’s like following a balanced diet or taking supplements. Checking your oil levels with mundane regularity must form part of a wellness routine for your vehicle. Do not just rely on service intervals to ensure that you have enough oil in your car.”

Check your brakes, too. Don’t wait until it grinds warning signs against your discs. Bilaal said that safety should always come first and it’s the one aspect of maintenance that can never be overlooked. He warned: “If your brakes don’t work, you cannot stop! And while we know this, and it’s been an essential aspect of motoring since the genesis of cars, we just don’t do it or we keep putting off critical checks.”

Saving your life or that of others should not come with a price tag, he added. Bilaal said: “Even though today’s cars are so advanced that they practically drive themselves, the basics are reliant on owner intervention.” And when maintenance requires a deeper dive beneath the bonnet, get your car to the clinic.

Bilaal also warned against seeking advice online to solve any kind of maintenance challenge. He said: “It’s the same principle as consulting Dr Google when you’re ill. It may provide a reasonable set of diagnostic tools or advice, but in the end, a healthcare professional should be your first stop. When it comes to cars, consider caring for your car in the same manner, see a professional.”

“A home regime can enhance maintenance, be easier on your pocket in the long run, add some longevity to your vehicle’s lifespan and, importantly, keep you safer.”