Plascon’s Mobihel races ahead after successfully entering the market in late 2019

Plascon’s Mobihel races ahead after successfully entering the market in late 2019
A black sports car against a neutral background. This car is designed, modelled and rendered by myself. Very high resolution 3D render. All markings are ficticious.

Never underestimate the importance of finishing well, whether you’re referring to a car race, or life itself. In the competitive automotive coatings industry, the perfect finish is what drives customer retention and business growth.

Enter Plascon’s flagship brand Mobihel, a European auto refinish product with premium technology, that offers a staggering lifetime warranty. Mobihel, which was launched by Plascon in the South African market in September 2019, has been met with such an excellent uptake that Plascon is expanding its footprint in 2020.

In addition to this Mobihel will not be taking an annual price increase in 2020 so that it can continue to offer a superlative quality product at an affordable price band – further testament to Plascon’s commitment to quality and putting the customer first.

Mobihel’s suite of products includes cleaners, degreasers, putties, primers, hardeners, additives, thinners, basecoats, clear coats and fillers. In short, it’s a one-stop-shop for those in the automotive refinishing industry.

Although Mobihel is still relatively new to the South African market, it comes with 90 years of experience in producing highly accurate colour-matching topcoat solutions. Mobihel has earned its impressive reputation by using the innovative ‘first-time-right’ system to make the repair process quick and easy – saving time and money.

With the latest in refinishing technology, consumers can trust that Mobihel will, like other Plascon products, continue to exceed expectations in the automotive industry.