Park Like A Rockstar: Upgrades That Will Make Your Car Cooler Than Your Ex

Park Like A Rockstar: Upgrades That Will Make Your Car Cooler Than Your Ex
Park Like A Rockstar: Upgrades That Will Make Your Car Cooler Than Your Ex

I think it’s a pretty relatable concept, the fact that there was always something that your ex made you feel like crap about. And it’s definitely pretty common that one of these things was about how much of a terrible driver you are or how you couldn’t park to save your life, or even about how your car looked like crap.

Your ex may be a thing of the past but it’s definitely never too late to brush up on your parking skills upgrade your car and feel that much better about yourself, and who knows; you may actually have the opportunity to rub it in their face someday! So what kind of upgrades can you make to your car that will not only help you park better, but will also give it that unique look that stands out.

Before you get down to the details, make sure that you are always up to date and well informed on where it is that you can get the bits and pieces for your upgrades. Check out which is awesome in providing quality upgrades for Subaru and other models alike. Once you’re confident with the place you’re going to get your orders from, go ahead and figure out what you need in order to park like a rockstar.

Park Assist

This is a system that will put both your cameras and your parking sensors to use and together, Park Assist will provide you with the coolest way to park like a pro. It is able to detect whether a space if large enough to fit your car, and will also guide you as you steer your way into the parking spot.

My paint job is better than yours

Have you ever parked your car behind another car and thought of how amazing and unique the paint job looked? It’s about time you gave your car an upgrade in appearance. The variety in how you can upgrade you paint job are really exciting. You can go from metallics to a Batmobile matte look, to even paint jobs that change color with the light!

Interior upgrades

There is a world of interior upgrades that you can make to your car that will turn heads as soon as you drive up and park (by chance) in front of your ex! Get an interior covering that is smooth and sexy with some leather that will give your car a classy look as if it’s brand new. And if you’d like to drive away in class, you can get your gas pedals upgraded too. If you really want to pimp up your car to the max, you can get interior LED lights so that everyone can see at all time!

Cooler than your ex

It really isn’t as difficult or as far fetched as it may seem to prove all the claims your ex made about your parking skills wrong. Regardless of whether they see it or not, it’s important to know that when it comes to upgrades and getting better, the possibilities are endless. Technology is always on the move, and being cooler than your ex is as easy as pie!

Upgrades are always awesome, and if you’d even like to go a step further, you can upgrade your car and get one that is able to park itself! If that’s too far-fetched, don’t fret. These systems and devices are always being updated in incredible ways to help you feel more and more confident in the handling of your car.

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