Is it necessary to change engine oil in first service?

Is it necessary to change engine oil in first service?
Is it necessary to change engine oil in first service?

The engine is the core of any automobile. You can buy the most recent model of the bike from the best manufacturer around. Still, if the maintenance of the bike is not done regularly, then it can destroy the entire riding experience. A motorbike is made of various engine parts that move together to change the fuel energy into mechanical power. While performing this, the multiple parts of the engine motor come in contact and rub against each other. Regularly routined engine oil change is needed to keep up the smooth running of the motorbike. These days you can even avail of doorstep bike service in Gurgaon to get your bike serviced and oil change was done at the comfort of your home.

Most new motorbike owners often have this question in their mind is it necessary to change engine oil in the first service? And the answer is yes, it is important.

Here are a few reasons that elaborate on why the oil should be changed during the first service of the motorbike:

  1. When the newly manufactured motorcycles are shipped to their destination ports or countries, they are delivered with a small amount of break-in oil. This specialized engine oil protects new engine parts from seizing during storage. This oil is used to promote the proper accommodation of valves and rings. This oil is a pure mineral oil that contains extra Zinc and Phosphorus in order to keep the new engine in good condition. Hence, it is not recommended to use this oil longer than prescribed by the manufacturer in its vehicle owner’s manual. This oil sitting for a long period can develop acids that act as a corrosive to the engine.


  1. When you start using a new motorbike, the mechanical parts of the new engine are sharply edged in their ideal shapes. These parts rub against each other. This rubbing of the surfaces makes the sharp metal parts become dull and wear off due to the engine heat for a smoother run. As the metal parts wear off, it leads to a larger quantity of fine metal shavings and particles to suspend and mix up with the engine oil. It leads to a good chance that these metal pieces flow into the engine and gearbox along with the engine oil, damaging the engine parts. Hence, the oil change in the first service is recommended to get these metal particles out of circulation.


  1. Every freshly manufactured engine has a certain amount of assembly grease, used as a protectant on the engine parts before assembly or used in the rotating shaft to keep it lubricated. Once the bike engine starts running, this grease often washes down and goes into the filter, which clogs the filter and leads to a lot of problems in the smooth running of the engine.

Hence, Changing the oil and filter, especially in a new engine, is recommended by the manufacturers to get these contaminants out of the oil and prolong the engine’s life.