How to take care of your jet ski and powerboat batteries

How to take care of your jet ski and powerboat batteries
How to take care of your jet ski and powerboat batteries

After months of lockdown, grey and gloomy weather, and limited ability to travel, water sports enthusiasts are ready to dust off their jet skis and powerboats for some much-needed fun in the sun.

And South Africans are spoilt for choice, with an abundance of beautiful inland and coastal locations where they can enjoy their water sports. That’s if the batteries that power their jet skis and powerboats are up to the task.

Why do batteries fail?

“People often think when they’re not using their jet skis or powerboats that the battery will remain charged and be ready for when they use them again,” said Jason Ravenscroft, a battery specialist. “The truth is batteries will discharge even when you’re not using them, and that’s when you should take extra care of them.”

Before starting your water adventure, the battery specialists recommend you get your leisure battery tested, to ensure it won’t fail and get you stuck in deep water.

Jet skis and powerboats need reliable batteries powerful enough to start the engine, everytime.1 These batteries should also be robust and long-lasting, low on maintenance and vibration resistant to ensure hours of safe fun on the water.1

Here are expert tips to ensure your leisure battery is always ready for adventure.2,3,4

Secure the terminals

Loose or dirty terminals can interrupt the power flow to the battery, causing it to be ineffective. Make sure the terminals are secure and connected correctly. Also, keep them clean from dirt and corrosion. Use a solution of water and baking soda to remove corrosion build-up.

Disconnect when not in use

This prevents the batteries from self-discharging. Even when the engine is off, electronic equipment continues to drain the battery, affecting the battery lifespan and its ability to power the vessel.

Recharge after use

After your fun in the water, recharge the battery. If you leave the battery without power, it can reduce the battery lifespan. Also check the batteries once a month to make sure they’re charged.

Get the battery tested

If you’re unsure about your battery, get them tested. There are many battery fitment centres in South Africa, but make sure you go for a specialist that understands all types of batteries from cars, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, boats, to jet skis. A specialist will test your battery and give you a full report on its health, and will only replace your battery if necessary.

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