How to organize a truck toolbox

How to organize a truck toolbox
How to organize a truck toolbox

If you work in the fields, truck boxes are an indispensable add-on to the driver who needs some extra secure storage. However, they quickly become dirty and disorganized because they are used frequently. A clean car is every divers dream. This is often not possible for people who have families. However, you can easily create a clean haven for yourself when you organize your toolbox. When you have a dirty, ill-organized truck tool box will make it easier for you to access particular tools. It will also protect your tools from getting broken and rattling around the box. It keeps them from breaking or getting damaged. You will quickly get any tools you need to use without any hustle.

Damntools says organizing the toolbox is not the only thing that is important. It is also crucial that you make sure you clean it thoroughly. While any driver wants a clean and good looking toolbox, it is not always easy to know what you need to do. This article will help you keep the toolbox organized and clean at all times.

Process Of Organize Truck Tool Box

Start layering

One of the things that are recommended to do is recommend that you follow when organizing is layering. It means that you need to put all the items used frequently at the top and those used less frequently at the bottom. This will help make your access easier and ensure that your tools are always well arranged. It reduces any mess that may have occurred when you need to access a tool that is at the bottom in a hurry. This is a simple approach that will go a long way in helping put all the tools in order. The top layer should only hold the tools that are used frequently. The systematic organization makes it easy for you to know precisely where each item is. You never have to remove all the tools to find a tool you need often.

Create Sections

Layering is not your only option for having a neatly organized box. Creating sections is also a great way to do it. This means that you have a section for oily and messy tools that you have already used.

When you work on a daily basis, your tools are bound to get greasy and dirty. If you do not separate the oily ones from the cleaner ones, you are likely to have the entire tools dirty and greasy. The compartments are boundaries that keep all these sections free from dirty. They also make it easier for you to clean the toolbox once you get home. Instead of cleaning the entire box, you will only clean the dirty tools and that section that is oily and greasy. They keep the tools from cross-contaminating. It is impossible to use some tools when they are dirty. You will have to clean the entire toolbox probably monthly but not each day you get home. It is a simple tip that will ensure that your work is faster and easier.

Consider using bags

You know how the small tools keep getting lost in the bigger ones, and you have to rearrange the entire toolbox to reach to them? Well, you can avoid all that by storing these smaller ones in a bag before putting them in the toolbox. If you need a smaller tool, all you need is to open the bag. So you have a secure and sure way of storing those tiny bobs and bits that keep getting lost. You also do not need to get some expensive bags for this. Even a small easy to clean one will do the trick correctly. It needs to be easy to clean because the tools will regularly get greasy and oily. You save yourself from the constant frustrations of losses.


More massive rougher tools are likely to damage the soft, delicate ones. Using foam is a durable, cheap material that is highly effective in protecting specific tools. For those sections, you can use foam to separate them. It will help keep some from getting damaged. With foam, a visual organization will be easier, and it will be faster to identify which sections have which tools.

Rack up

Sure, your toolbox is well organized and neat. However, there are those tools that are too hard to put in the box. They are also much harder to retrieve from a compact sized box. You, therefore, need to invest in some clamps. When lucky, you can get the steel framed ones that can be erected in the box. These can carry a variety of differently sized clamps. They do not just make these accessible. They also ensure the box is neat and organized all day.

You need a magnetized tool holder in the box

This is a top secret that most people ignore. Having a row of magnets in the box is a tremendous organizational strategy. It is a trick that most people ignore, but one that can make your work easier and faster. They help by holding a number of your tools and keeping the gear from overflowing. It is also an excellent method of creating space to hold more tools and of course, making the box more aesthetically pleasing.

If you do not want to get that bag we discussed early, these magnets are also another way of storing the small metallic tools that may disappear and leave you desperately looking for them.

Clean all the tools often

You must always make sure that the tools are cleaned after use. You may not clean them at your workplace, but when you get home, make sure you do. Also, make sure they are dry before placing them in the box. To glean the box, pour a can of cola on the surface and rag it with the paper towel. Rinse with water and ensure that you remove all the cola traces.


Maintaining a clean and neat toolbox ensures that your car will also look neat and clean. It will also ensure that your tools are always clean and presentable something that will speak to your customers and workmates about your general level of hygiene. With these tips, this will not be difficult or complicated.

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