Cars Women Love Seeing Men Drive


A car is more than a vehicle that will get you from point A to point B. It is a status symbol for men and one of the biggest advantages when it comes to boasting in front of women. On the other side, the ladies have their own car preferences, as there are certain models and brands they value more than others. Although car manufacturers are producing new models as we speak, there are several cars which possess a timeless appeal that every woman will instantly recognize (and fall for).

Chevy Camaro (the first generation)

Although they were in production for only three years from 1966 to 1969, the first generation of the Chevrolet Camaro became an instant American classic. If the Subaru Impreza had appearance issues, the Camaro was Brad Pitt of the automotive industry. Add to that the powerful V8 engine under the hood and you get the perfect combo that will get you a lot of looks in the street, especially back in the 60s and 70s. Chevrolet had managed to beat the mighty Ford Mustang to win over the hearts of many young girls to the extent that it’s still driven today and a fully restored ’69 Camaro is worth tens of thousands of US dollars. They don’t call these machines muscle cars for no good reason.

Aston Martin Vanquish

Do you know what’s better than a V8 engine? Why of course, a V12 engine. This is precisely the type of motor that got fitted into the first Aston Martin Vanquish that appeared in 2001. Its streamlined design and sexy elongated front lights were good enough for James Bond to drive in the 2002 film Die Another Day. When you mention the name of the most famous fictional MI6 agent, Bond girls are not far away. A Vanquish with a grey metallic body has redefined what it means to be a gentleman so no true Sir can go without it, that is if they can afford its whooping retail price of c. 300, 000 dollars. A huge figure to pay for a car whose bodywork twist after the slightest of fend benders but hey, at least the ladies dig its look.

Fiat 500E

Power and style don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. In fact, a car can help you save money if it’s an electric model like Fiat 500E. Advertised as an “eco-chic” vehicle, this tiny Italian car has it all (apart from the size obviously). This iconic model 20th century was altered several times in the Torino factory and they are just preparing a rejuvenated 500E for the 2020 Geneva Show. If you want to sweep a city girl off her feet, then the 500E’s 135-kilometers battery should do the trick. You can read more about electric cars on Drivr Zone and the distance they can cover after a single charge. Well, it might not be such a bad scenario to run out of power somewhere far away if you’re in the company of your better half.

Subaru Impreza

Ever since it first came off the production line of Japanese Subaru in October 1992, Impreza has been an icon in the racing sport. Many people who saw Colin McRae zigzag his blue Impreza across rally tracks during the 1990s wished to own one. For a car that had so much horsepower under the hood, the Subaru designers did a lousy job of designing the car, so many car owners found themselves identifies with this concept: unattractive on the inside, strong from the inside. Whether it was the rear spoiler or the bulksome scoop at the front but women fell instantly in love with this oddly designed racing car. It appears that it isn’t all about the look for the ladies, as they have the ability to see under the hood of this 90s iconic automobile.

Nissan GT-R

It’s not like the Japanese have the monopoly on sexy vehicles, but the 2007 Nissan GT-R does come with attractive contours. Men don’t buy it because of its body but because it is one of the most exciting cars to steer. Everything on it functions like a Swiss army knife, as the GT-R combines the looks with the power inside, all executed with surgical precision. Once a woman sees it rolling down the road she will immediately think “speed,” because this model was built for speed, which is quite evident from its name. No wonder then that it’s 6-speed dual clutch transmission was proclaimed by Guinness World Records in 2009 as the fastest 0-60 mph acceleration by a four-seater production car.

As with their taste in men, in a woman’s mind, the perfect car is the one that balances the looks and the power. Any of the five iconic models we have listed here achieve stand up to these criteria (we’ll cut Impreza’s designers some slack) and they are bound to attract the attention of girls and women alike once you roll them onto the

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