Midrand Churches and Police march together against gender based violence and drug abuse

Midrand Churches and Police march together against gender based violence and drug abuse
Midrand Churches and Police march together against gender based violence and drug abuse

Recently, the Midrand South African Police Service organized a march with the Christ Embassy and Church of Scientology to march against gender based violence and the rampant drug epidemic that has savaged the Midrand community.

Deeply worried by the ever rising number of domestic cases being reported and rampant drug abuse connected with it. The Midrand Police requested the help of the Johannesburg Metro Police, the Church of Scientology and the Christ Embassy and marched the streets of the Midrand community to take a stand.

Constable Elliot Mabulane, the Communication Officer for the Midrand Police Station organized the march to bring awareness to these social issues. He said “Gender based Violence and Drug Abuse have been a scourge on our precious nation. We want the Midrand community to know that we tolerate no such behavior and we are prepared to fight it indefinitely”.

The march began at the Midrand Police Station and spread out throughout the area eventually settling at Sanridge Mall where stands were placed to sensitize the community on what to do and how to report such instances.

Alice Meiring of the Church of Scientology, also present at the march said “Drug abuse and Gender Based Violence have been rampant and we don’t condone such. The founder of our Church, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard was a well know humanitarian and advocate for human rights and equality. Our foundation is built on respect for one another and helping each other for a peaceful community. We are honored to be working with the police and other churches to spread the message of nonviolence.”

The group then spent a majority of the day going door to door and distributing Drug-Free World booklets to community members provided for by the Foundation for Drug Free World Africa. “Unfortunately, violence and drugs are too often bedfellows “said Meiring.

The booklets contain every type of drug, long and short term effects and the ingredients used. The popular booklets have been used successfully all over the world by the foundation to educate people about drugs and it’s too many side effects including violence.

A taxi driver at the Midrand taxi rank was also touched after he was given booklets and said “I need more of these to give to the people in my community. They need to know. Drugs are a big problem here.” He then took a whole box and personally started handing them out to passersby from a near squatter camp.

In closing, Sgt. Selowa from the Midrand Police Station thanked all the participants for a successful community outreach. In her speech, she affectionately mentioned the importance of working together to combat issues in the community and all the various faiths, law enforcement and community members all agreed.

“Thank you for coming with us today. We have much work to do but together we can do it. Let us continue forward with more events.” concluded Sgt. Mawela.