Life hacks for Luxury Living

Life hacks for Luxury Living
Rioma Cominelli, Director of First Loyalty Plus

Luxury is synonymous with a state of comfort or elegance and mostly comes with a hefty price tag, but it also means different things to different people. For some of us, luxuries are things we tend to deny ourselves because we have bills to pay. For others, it is splashing out on good coffee or takeaways, and for the elite few, it’s million-rand holiday homes and overseas trips. Rioma Cominelli, Director of First Loyalty Plus, says that, with a few clever hacks, the regular man-on-the-street can afford luxuries.

“While there are most definitely undeniable luxuries in life, luxury is subjective. I believe that living luxuriously lies in making the most of what is available to us. It sometimes requires a little bit of research, but it’ll be well worth the effort,” adds Rioma.

She offers these life hacks for luxury living:

1. Dine at the right time: Meet up over breakfast instead of lunch or dinner; meals are cheaper, and you are less likely to spend money on alcohol and dessert. Also, look out for deals from your local restaurants — some offer meals at better prices on certain days.

2. Visit movies on the cheaper days: South Africa’s leading cinemas sell movie tickets at half price on Tuesdays, but this discount is only available to people with a cinema club card. While some 3D movies are great for an immersive experience, they are generally more expensive and not worth the extra bucks.

3. Shop online: Not only is shopping online currently favoured due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also has amazing perks! Online shopping is more than just convenience — it saves you money too. Shopping online is also much quicker, plus, you save petrol because you needn’t leave the comfort of your couch. You also have the power to compare prices at the click of a button as opposed to visiting many shops. The bonus? Many online shops give first-time customers free shipping.

4. Sign up for newsletters: Signing up for a newsletter sounds counterintuitive, but most retailers reward their customers for signing up to their ‘spam mail’ with exclusive discounts, special offers and even free gifts. Apart from the discount you receive when you sign up for the newsletter, many retailers use newsletters to share deals with those on their mailing list first before sharing them on any other platforms.

5. Holiday out of season: Imagine having a holiday resort all to yourself (for the most part) because fewer people are travelling during that time. Enjoying a vacation when no one else is travelling feels exclusive and luxurious. The upside is that there is less demand, which means travel destinations offer lower prices. Booking your flight also tends to be cheaper during off-peak season.

6. Sign up for a loyalty programme: It’s no secret why 72% of South Africans are part of a loyalty programme — they save you money, plus, you get exclusive deals! The First Loyalty Plus Rewards Programme offers consumers lifestyle benefits, with up to 50% discounts on meals, accommodation, spa treatments, movies, online shopping and much more. Signing up for a loyalty programme ultimately works in your favour and allows you the best of what life has to offer at a better price.

“Luxury can feel unattainable, but you get to define what luxury means to you. It does not have to be yachts and million-rand trips. It can also mean getting the best of what life has to offer at a great price,” concludes Rioma.