The Most Common Driving Distractions


Increasing our road safety is something we should all aim to do, but many distractions can cause accidents.

Because of an increase in avoidable collisions and accidents, we have compiled a list of some of the most common driving distractions and how to avoid them.

Next time you are behind the wheel, take these situations into account to keep you and others safe.

Using A Cell Phone

Your cell phone is a notable place to start, but it is a crucial one.

Cell phone accidents account for a vast number of distracted driver accidents. Never text while behind the wheel, and consider the fact that even hands-free conversations can be distracting.

The temptation is too much for some people, which creates a considerable number of accidents. The best practice is to turn your phone on to aeroplane mode for the duration of your journey.


As useful as it is, there are many accidents caused by drivers who adjust their GPS while in motion.

Anything that takes your eyes off the road is to be taken seriously. It’s best to listen to the directions as much as you can so you can keep your eyes fixed on the road.

Also, make sure that your device is in position before you drive as repositioning it later means you have to take your eyes off the road.

Outside Event/Accident/Person

A common cause of road accidents is other accidents. This is often a time where many people take their eyes off the road. You need to make sure that if the person in front of you brakes suddenly, you can react.

At Siefman Law LLC, we have represented many people who have been involved in such accidents.

Eating and Drinking

Food and drinks are other sources of distraction.

Even reaching for a snack can mean that you are not giving the road the attention you should. Opening food packets can also require taking your hands off the wheel. Even if momentarily, it is something that should be avoided.

Adjusting Controls

Changing the temperature in your car, or the song on your phone or sound system are common and preventable dangers while driving.

Something as small as pressing a button can result in an accident. Although it can be a necessary thing to do, always try and make sure it is a safe time to do so.

Taking Care Of Your Child

Because they’re not aware of the dangers involved in driving, children are not always the most sympathetic of passengers. Because of this, they can be distracting. If they raise their voice or cry for your attention, this can be distressing as well.

If you think it is necessary, pulling over to help them might be the best thing to do.

Not Concentrating

What’s going on in your mind could be the cause of distraction, so if you find that you are not concentrating when behind the wheel, you need to remind yourself of the dangers.

This accounts for a huge number of accidents, and complacent driving is easily avoided.

All of the above should be taken seriously to avoid accidents. Some of these situations seem trivial, but they account for a large number of the claims that we see on a daily basis.

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