An Overview Of Refugee Visa Subclass 200

An Overview Of Refugee Visa Subclass 200
An Overview Of Refugee Visa Subclass 200


This refugee visa subclass 200 is eligible for those applicants who live outside of Australia or stay outside of their home country. This refugee visa subclass 200 is a permanent visa, and this visa allows those applicants who are recommended by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  (UNCHR) to the government of Australia. Under this Visa humanitarian visa subclass 200, an individual applicant can stay and work in Australia based on permanent.

Purpose of Visa humanitarian visa subclass 200

  • The applicant can live in Australia permanently
  • The applicant can continue their study and work in Australia
  • They can easily register in  Australia’s healthcare scheme
  • Family members of the applicant can apply for permanent residence
  • They can travel to and from Australia for the five years
  • If the applicant who is eligible to attend 510 hours of classes of English language for free.

Stay time of humanitarian visa subclass 200

  • This humanitarian visa subclass 200, is a type of permanent visa. This visa allows one to stay in Australia.
  • The applicant, when enter Australia become a permanent citizen.
  • For permanent citizenship, this permanent citizenship starts on that day when the applicant enters in Australia.

Eligibility for the humanitarian visa subclass 200

Discussion about the eligibility criteria for this visa is mentioned below :

  • The applicant cannot apply for this humanitarian visa subclass 200 to live in Australia.
  •  Resettlement it is important for the applicant because of the face persecution of the applicant in their home country.
  • With this refugee visa subclass 200, the applicant is eligible for work in Australia.
  • It is essential for the students and their family members to maintain appropriate health insurance which is necessary for entire staying in Australia.
  • The applicant and their family member have to fulfill the character requirement.
  • If the student’s age is 18 or more than 18, they have to sign the Australian values statement.
  • If the applicant and their family members owe the money from the Australian government, they need to pay back the debt money.

Include family member

When the applicant applies for the refugee visa subclass 200 in Australia, they can include family members in their application. Family members who are applying for this visa they have to meet character and health requirements. Until the visa authority takes any decision about the visa application, the applicant can attach their children also. During the processing period of the applicant cannot add any family members in their use. If the applicant does not declare as a family member in their use, family members not able to propose them for a refugee visa subclass 200 after the members arrive in Australia.

Applying the process of the refugee visa subclass 200 

The applicant can apply for a student refugee visa subclass 200 through the online process. When the applicant applies for a visa, they must be out of Australia. The applicant has all the documents to complete the whole application process, and payment method and this process ensure that the application for a student visa is also valid.

Checklist of the refugee visa subclass 200

The home affairs department has arranged a complete refugee visa subclass 200. This checklist mentioned all the things which are essential for the visa application. This checklist was also beneficial for the applicant.

Processing time of the visa

The processing time of the visa takes many months or many years. The number of applications the visa authority receives for resettlement every year is more than available visas.

There are some reasons if the application takes a more protracted process:

  • If the application form fills not correctly.
  • The applicant did not include all the documents.
  • Sometimes the application takes time for verification.

Cost of the refugee visa subclass 200

The total cost of the refugee visa subclass 200 is free. In this application process, there are no charges available. 

Travel limitation

Under the humanitarian visa subclass 200, if the applicant leaves Australia, they cannot be able to return to Australia for five years. After five years, the applicant will need a Resident Return (RRV) visa subclass 157 visa subclass 155 or and the applicant can re-enter Australia as permanent citizenship.

Additional information

There are four types of visa subclasses that are included in the Refugee kind of Program of Humanitarian.

  • Refugee (subclass 200)
  • Emergency Rescue (subclass 203)
  • In-country Special Humanitarian (subclass 201)
  • A woman at Risk (subclass 204)

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The applicant can travel, work or study in Australia with this humanitarian visa subclass 200 for five years. With this visa, the applicant can be eligible to get eligible permanent citizenship in Australia. The visa authority digitally links the applicant visa with the passport, the applicant did not get any label in their passport.

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