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10 Common Reasons for Divorce
10 Common Reasons for Divorce

You, like many others out there may be thinking that the leading cause of couples seeking out a divorce lawyer in Durban, is infidelity, however, you would be incorrect. The number one reason that marriages end in divorce is a lack of or problems with communication. This is not the only cause of course, here are a few of the other most common reasons for divorce:

  • Marrying for the wrong reasons

This can include getting married for monetary gain, for the sake of a child, and so on. If you marry for any other reason other than for the sake of wanting to be married, it may be for the wrong reasons.

  • A lack of individual identity

Co-dependency does not make a healthy relationship. Having your own interests and ways of expressing yourself is crucial to a healthy marriage.

  • Not being able to resolve conflicts

Couples argue, and it is okay, the key is to have ground rules so that each side feels heard and respected.

  • Losing yourself in your role

Whether it is the role of wife, mother, husband, father, and so on, if you get lost in the roles that you are given you may forget that you are a couple.

  • Differing interests and priorities

Sharing interests and exploring these together is essential for a successful marriage.

  • Not having the same vision of success

For instance, he might be a spender and you a saver, this will definitely put pressure on the marriage.

  • Intimacy Issues

There may be a subtle change somewhere along the line which can lead to feeling unappreciated and unloved.

  • A lack of physical interaction

This is to remain close and maintain a bond there needs to be a maintained intimate connection that is both sexual and non-sexual.

  • Unmet Expectations

If one side of the union is unhappy, it is common for that person to expect the other to “fix” it. This can lead to nagging, criticising, blaming, and/or complaining.

  • Financial reasons

It is often not the lack of finances that is the issue, rather the lack of compatibility in the financial arena.

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