Jacaranda FM’s Sascha van Gelder Shares Her Four Favourite Mpumalanga Hotspots This Tourism Month

Jacaranda FM’s Sascha van Gelder Shares Her Four Favourite Mpumalanga Hotspots This Tourism Month
Sascha van Gelder

It’s no secret that Mpumalanga is one of the most beautiful provinces in South Africa. Nestled in the heart of South Africa, Mpumalanga is a captivating province renowned for its breath-taking landscapes, abundant wildlife, rich cultural heritage and unmatched hospitality. As a result, the province has become a popular tourist destination for both local international visitors.

Jacaranda FM caters for its audience in Mpumalanga with a unique regional line-up which offers listeners in the area more targeted news, discussions and advertisements. Sascha van Gelder is one of the station’s regional presenters and this Tourism Month, Sascha shares her favourite spots around the province that tourists should definitely check out on their next visit.


One of Sascha’s favourite places to visit in Mpumalanga is Graskop. “There are little hidden gems all over Graskop, from pancakes to swimming pools overlooking the gorge,” Sascha shares. “My favourite, though, has to be the Graskop lift. It is beautiful glass lift that takes you 51m down into the forest floor and you get to experience the tranquillity and learn some amazing things about the flora and fauna that makes our province so beautiful” Sascha adds that the Graskop lift also serves as a central point to many other little gems around the province like Bourke’s Luck Pothole and the stunning God’s Window.

Waterfalls of the Lowveld

Mpumalanga is known for its natural beauty and the province boasts a number of beautiful waterfalls that make for great Instagram worthy content. “Take a tour of the numerous waterfalls of the Lowveld, making sure to stop at Lone Creek Falls, Mac Mac Falls, Lisbon Falls, Berlin Falls and Bridal Veil Falls,” Sascha suggests. “Speak to the locals and trust me they will let you in on hidden secret swimming spots as well. The waterfalls are affordable to visit, but wear comfy shoes as some of them include a bit of a walk!”

Marloth Park

While there are many obvious atrtractions to visit around the province, Sascha explains that when she in the mood for a relaxing weekend with friends, Marloth Park is one of her favourite places to visit. “Marloth Park is one the best hidden gems in the Lowveld. Sure, the Kruger is great – but only in Marloth Park can you get up close to the animals up close. It is also one of the most affordable and entertaining family-friendly destinations in the province. The area has some great restaurants, a water park and everything you need to enjoy a relaxing weekend. Just make sure to follow the rules of the conservancy or you may run into a lion on your illegal evening stroll!”


If you are looking for a hike with the best views in the Lowveld, or a relaxing stroll looking for antiques and oddities, Kaapsehoop is definitely a place you should visit. “The look out at the end of the 1.8km hike, which is suitable for both children and the elderly, allows you to take in the view from one side of the Lowveld to the other (Nelspruit to Barberton). It really is a spectacular view!” Sascha says. “I would of course be a mis to not mention the horses – they are a treasure of Kaapsehoop! It is their town and you may be lucky enough to see them on your visit, but they are wild so respect them and they will respect you.” Sascha, a foodie herself, adds that there are some great food options to enjoy when in Kaapsehoop. “All the restaurants in Kaapsehoop are fantastic! My personal favourite, however, is Salvador’s. Pop in for a drink and a pizza to truly understand Kaapsehoops vibe.”

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