Incredible and beautiful artistic creations by using vibrant colours

Incredible and beautiful artistic creations by using vibrant colours

One might have been astounded by the beautiful renditions or designs present on fabric and might have wondered about the process behind these beautiful pieces of art on cloth. The art of making designs with colors on cloth is known as fabric painting. It is definitely true that a slight artistic bent of mind is required for making astounding fabric paintings but with a little practice, a novice can also master the art of fabric painting. It is also a favorite kind of craft in which the young ones happily indulge. Making designs in cloth with fingers and thumbprints is very common, and kids often prefer to spend their time playing with colors, and it is not usual to see that the clothes they are wearing have also become a part of the art they have created.

The general items need for designing cloth with paintbrush strokes

 This is the most enjoyable DIY task. Mothers often partake in the fabric painting process along with their kids so that the craft time is enjoyed thoroughly. Often designed the mothers create clothes for their little ones. Apart from knitting and sewing fabric painting is a very suitable way of making designed clothes for the kids and also for oneself.

There are a few things required for beginning the project of fabric painting. These items are discussed below:

  • Fabric colors: This is obviously the most important item for making a fabric painting. There is an array of colors available in the market for making the painting, but one has to choose the specific quality of colours needed for making the desired design. It is always best to choose colours that are of good quality otherwise after washing the cloth the painted design might peel off. However, this won’t happen if the purchased set of colours is of superior quality. Glitter mixed paints are also available which will add certain dazzle to the design which is to be painted. A set of colours can be bought or separately specific colour paint can be purchased depending upon the design which is to be made. However, most people prefer to buy a whole kit which has an assortment of colours.
  • The cloth on which the design is to be made: The fabric or the piece of clothing on which the design is to be made should be chosen correctly. Usually, cotton fabrics work best for painting purposes, and clothing items made from fine quality cotton is good for making fabric painted garments. The colour of the fabric has to be selected depending on the design which will be made on the cloth. Generally, white cloth is used for making designs, but colour fabrics are equally popular in the department of fabric painting.
  • A range or brushes: Among the several things present in the supplies for fabric painting the brushes are most important. If fingers and thumbs are to be used for making impressions, then it is not important to use brushes but if a person wishes to create a truly eye stunning design then brushes is extremely important. The brushes range in size, and there are very thick ones which are more suitable for broad designs and the thin ones which are apt for adding details in the design. Hence brushes can be bought in a pack, or specific brush sizes can be chosen.
  • Cups for holding colours: In fabric painting, the colours have to be taken out in a specific shallow cup and used. It is best not to dip the brush directly into the colour bottle, and in the case of tubes, it is not possible to use brushes for extracting colour. Hence multiple cups should be kept for pouring colours separately, and then the poured colour can be diluted slightly for making the design on the fabric.
  • The palette for mixing colours: A palette is necessary equipment because colours are mixed to form new shades on the palette. If the present set of colours are not enough, then those shades can be mixed in dual or triple combinations to form a new shade. This colour can be used for creating the desired effect in the fabric.
  • A frame for holding the fabric in place: When the fabric is being painted it is important to keep it tight and stretched. If the fabric forms fold then it won’t be possible to make the design correctly. Hence, a suitably sized frame should be used for clipping the fabric and holding it in place while making the design with paint on the piece of cloth.

Therefore, there are a huge number of craft tools present in the market which can be used for making truly eye-catching objects and crafts. One needs to browse different shops online for acquiring those materials for initiating the painting projects.