How to coordinate your watch with an outfit

How to coordinate your watch with an outfit
How to coordinate your watch with an outfit

The situation demands that we select the most appropriate outfit, which would not only project yourself as being with the followers of fashion but that you know your way around the social circle you would generally be. If you are attending a formal function it is imperative that you dress appropriately and blend into the crowd. If you are to select an outfit that is in contrast to the occasion you would be like a fish out of water.

This would not bode well for your personality nor would it be appropriate to the host. It is necessary that you know if not learn the correct norms before you step out of home. Some functions that you would be called upon to attend by invitation would carry a dress code. It would be in your best interests to follow it. If you do not it would show others attending alongside you that you are oblivious to the requirements of the occasion.

A dress code is a very strictly practiced norm and it is necessary to follow it and show those who would attend with you that you are fashion or protocol savvy. If you do so and perfectly carry the requirements it would necessitate a string of invitations for you in the future as well. It would bring you into a social circle that you would have always aspired to be a part of. If you do not respect the occasion and deviate from the set norms you could be treated as a black sheep and not deserve an invitation in the future. Hence it is necessary to fall in line with fashion and any dress code you would be called upon to follow.

The most suited watch to match your outfit

Whilst selecting the most appropriate dress for the respective occasion would be important, it is also a very crucial issue to select the wristwatch that would be strapped around your wrist. Watches are made to blend with personalities and it is one accessory that would enhance either the daintiness in a female or the macho style in a male. This would be correct whether it would be a formal dress watch, sports watch or a daily wear watch. There is no gain saying that there is a watch to suit every occasion and selecting it correctly would be important.

If you are attending a formal function and you are dress in either an evening dress for a woman or lounge suit for a man a leather strapped watch would be the most appropriate. Whilst a woman could also opt for either a stainless steel or gold plated strap, a man could stick to an elegant leather strap watch with a clear faced dial. Strap watches for men carry a very distinguished demeanor as they stand out well on a masculine wrist.

For women with their elegantly manicured and nail polished fingers a watch with a feminine look strap watch in either leather, or metal would enhance the daintiness of their smooth hands. On the contrary if you are a man with a penchant for adventure and choose the outdoors then a watch with a robust bezel and dial would definitely bring out the best in you. A watch with guaranteed waterproof up to a minimum depth of 100 meters would bring a real macho look about you which would not be lost on the fairer sex when they see you with the appropriate watch for the occasion.

The range in all brands is diverse and wide with different styles that you could choose from hence it would be a unique case of knowing what would suit the occasion which would be your prerogative.

Synchronizing your outfit with a chronograph

A chronograph in your wrist would be appropriate for those who are obsessed with the outdoors and have a macho outlook to life. It is imperative to know what is a chronograph before you would venture out to buy one. A chronograph is a watch which takes its name from the Greeks and was invented by Louis Moinet in 1816. It does more than showing the time and has many other functions.

It would be equipped with a stop watch which would be embedded into the dial and provide the facility to check on the time required to achieve certain endeavors. Stop watches are used and come very handy when you have to time certain events or even the time you would have to accomplish certain special tasks. It has many advantages especially if you are to use it in the outdoors. Most modern chronographs are equipped with rotating bezels which would double up as a tachymeter especially for underwater endeavors to provide the time you have been in the water and the quantum of oxygen that you would have in your tanks.

The chronograph would have an individual second hand which can be started, stopped or turned back to zero and this is what makes it a perfect stopwatch. The rotating bezels could also be used to set distances and speed, and could be used in various other applications. It is generally considered macho to have a chronograph strapped around your wrist and they would usually be in stainless steel. This would be to ensure that it is not affected by splashes of seawater or other liquids when working in arduous environments.

If you are to select a chronograph it would be prudent to get yourself a brand that has proved itself in the hands of many of the famous outdoor personalities who would be promoting certain models. There are many famous brands of chronograph that you could select from and it would be in your best interests to do so from a reliable source. There are many spurious models that are being offered for sale and it would be best you know what you are paying for. A little bit of prudence is required before you would select the chronograph that you would want.





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