How to choose good quality autoflowering seeds?

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Deciding to start growing cannabis plants at home can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Exciting because you’ve finally gathered the courage to engage in the beautiful process of taking care of your marijuana plant and watch it grow to produce tasty buds, and overwhelming because everything is so new that all the information can be a little bit too much.

But don’t worry growing cannabis isn’t that hard, all you need is to follow some basic procedures and you should be good.

The first thing you’ll need to kickstart your home weed production is choosing the seeds. While some might underestimate this part, this is an extremely essential one given that even if you are an expert cultivator, if the seeds don’t match in quality, then the results could be disappointing.

So what exactly should you consider before choosing your cannabis seeds? In the first instance, as a new grower, you definitely opt for autoflowering seeds. Marijuana auto seeds are the ones that, unlike photoperiodic, don’t depend on light cycles to jump into the flowering stage as they do this automatically after 6-8 weeks, depending on each strain. To make sure that what you purchase is trustworthy, we would recommend buying your seeds at autoflowering seeds focused companies such as Fast Buds.

The second thing you’ll need to consider before purchasing your seeds is the use you’re going to give to your plant’s fruits. When your goal is using your buds for medical purposes, then you’ll need to consider what effects you’re seeking to get from your plants first. If you’re looking for strictly non-psychotic effects, then you should go for CBD (cannabidiol) dominant strains. CBD is the cannabinoid compound in marijuana responsible for providing several health benefits such as relieving pain and inflammation, aiding psychosis or mental disorders, anxiety and depression, reducing seizures, and many more.

On the other hand, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound known for the ‘high’ effects of marijuana. However, THC isn’t known only for that, it is also great for treating sleep and eating disorders, glaucoma, chronic pain, and muscle spasticity, among others. So, if you’re looking to use cannabis as a medical treatment, do some research, ask doctors and marijuana connoisseurs to help you find what’s the perfect CBD-THC balance for you.

If what you’re looking for is a recreational use for marijuana then most likely you’ll want to get high, but how high is the question. First, try to see where your THC tolerance stands. If you’ve been a regular cannabis user for some time then chances are you’re more tolerant, therefore go for strains high on THC content. If you’re still relatively new then try to aim for medium/low THC strains.

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( @nextgreenwave)

One last aspect of the strains and their effects you should consider is the type of species you want to get. When we say the type of species we are referring to whether the plant is an Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid. Considering the type of species is essential for those who are planning to grow outdoors since some species adapt better than others to certain weather conditions. Indica species, for example, are the ones that work best for colder and low humidity environments. This is because Indicas species originally come from Hindu Kush mountains in the Middle East and places such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tibet where the climate isn’t that warm. Indicas tend to be more compact plants, not too tall and with thick stems and dense buds. The effects of Indica dominant strains tend to be soothing and relaxing, better for consuming in the evenings.

Sativas are the exact opposite of Indicas, they are the type of species most likely found in tropical places, where the climate is hot and humid. These plants tend to grow taller, usually between 150-300cm or more, and with thin stems and lighter green leaves than Indicas. Sativa strains are what most stoners look for, they’re the ones providing a strong cerebral, sometimes uplifting, and euphoric type of high, this is because they are usually high on THC content. Normally, a Sativa plant will take longer to grow than an Indica and the buds produced may contain the highest THC levels and as low as zero CBD.

Lastly, hybrid species are ones that combine a balance between Indicas and Sativas providing a more balanced effect combining the best aspects of both species.

The last thing to keep in mind before you swipe your card and purchase some cannabis seeds is whether you’re getting feminized seeds or not. If you want to make sure that your plants grow and produce beautiful buds, then you should go safe on this aspect, which means definitely buy feminized seeds.

What does feminized mean? Well, when we’re growing cannabis what we’re all looking for is to have female plants. This is because only the female plants are the ones responsible for producing the gorgeous green baby buds that you’re looking to consume. Male plants, on the other hand, are the ones that produce seeds and low THC content buds. Besides, when you’re growing cannabis plants you’ll need to make sure that if a plant turns to be male you get rid of it fast before it pollinates your other female plants and ruins them. The main reason why we’d keep a male plant is for breeding is that the male will contribute 50% of the genetic material for breeding your own strains. However, considering you’re likely a new grower, we’d suggest sticking to feminized seeds and experiment with breeding further on when you up your cultivation game.

Now that you know the main guidelines to choose cannabis strains, it’s time to analyze each aspect in detail and see which strain matches up to your expectations. But don’t limit yourself, you could also purchase a few different seeds, plant them, and see the differences for yourself. Just make sure you put a name tag on each pot so you can identify each plant.

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