What you should know about painting a ceiling?


Painting the ceiling is a complicated job. While it is recommended to hire Dallas Paints to take care of your ceiling painting requirements, most of the homeowners pick the tricky task themselves. If you are one of such homeowner, you must have already started planning for the big ceiling painting project. You will soon realize that the task is more complicated than you might have thought. Fret not, if you have thought to do it on your own, let us help you in this endeavor. In this post, we have written down a few tips that will help you in efficiently painting your ceiling to perfection:

Start with the preparations:

As you are painting the topmost surface of your house, you need to be a little more careful with the preparations. To begin with, take out all the furniture from the room. The furniture not only will make your work area cluttered, but will also be exposed to damage. Removing the furniture will offer you enough space to reach each and every corner of the ceiling effortlessly.

Clean the space:

Ceilings are often dusty. This dust, although not visible with a naked eye from a distance, start showing up clearly as you elevate yourself and reach closer to the surface. The dust and dirt on the ceiling can make the finest of the paint look dirty and chip off way too early than expected. Make sure you clean the entire ceiling. Take a brush and a cloth to dust off all the impurities on the surface before you begin with your painting skills.

Ensure protection for the floor and ceiling:

Paint drippings are common while painting the ceiling as you are painting against the gravitational force. To ensure that your floor and edges do not get any paint drips, you must use the cloth to cover the entire floor. Tape the cloth to each corner of the floor and secure it tightly. Protecting the edges is equally important, use painters tape and apply it over all the edges to avoid spoiling them.

Divide and paint:

Ceilings are a vast space to paint and you cannot accomplish success if you try and paint a long stretch at once. The right strategy to paint the ceiling efficiently is dividing the ceiling into small sections. You must paint in large patches and attain success at a broader scale eventually.

Know the rollers:

Painting the ceiling can take a toll over you back. Be ready for backache if you are not using the right roller. Lightweight roller cages that are convenient to hold are the best to use for painting a ceiling. If you have a very large and rough area to paint, use longer roller naps for easy application.

Learn the right rolling technique:

Painting from the edge towards you is the best way to use the roller. While you roll the paint on the surface, make sure you maintain the same pressure throughout. As soon as you are finished with one stripe, start another one ensuring that there is a little overlap while the paint is still wet, this will help you get even application.

I hope these tips help you by painting your ceiling the way you wanted. Choose the right color and tools and get the best results. If somehow you are not sure you can do it on your own, it is recommended to hire the best painters near me.

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