What Are Some Tips for Painting Perfect Lines on Walls?

Did you try painting perfect lines on your walls, but it didn’t exactly come out right? And no matter how much effort you put; the edges tend always to look messy? 

Fortunately, we have some good news for you. With a few simple perfect line on wall tips, you will be able to master the skill of painting straight lines on walls. However, if you find it to be a big deal, you can always opt to hire painting services for a professional touch. 

If you wish to do it by yourself, you need to read our tips for painting perfect lines on walls very carefully. It might seem intimidating, but it isn’t impossible. 

Interior designers aren’t the only humans who can get it right. By keeping a few things in mind, you will be able to do the job as good as any well-known provider of home painting services. 

The most stressful part of home painting would be the line where two paint colours meet. In order to make things easier for you, we are going to mention a few essential tips for painting perfect lines on walls. If you follow them like a step-by-step tutorial, you will be able to make perfect lines in a matter of no time. 

Before you can start the painting process, you need to have the right supplies. Make sure that you have these two items in your shopping list – 

  • Good quality masking tape
  • Good quality “cutting in” paintbrush

If you do not follow the perfect line on wall tips properly, you could ruin the paint job and make things worse. With a good paintbrush and a small paint container, you can proceed to try out the tips mentioned below. 

  1. Start by taking the first colour and paint over the edge where you want a perfect line. The first colour should extend past the area where you draw the line. 
  2. When the new paint dries out, you need to use masking tape and place it where you want to create the line. We would recommend you buy a high-quality tape to ensure that the colour doesn’t bleed underneath. The bottom of the tape is ideally the location where the edge will appear. If you aren’t sure about getting this right, do not hesitate to contact the best paintings service in Pune. 
  3. Take the same colour and paint over the tape. You might find it strange, but there is bound to be some amount of bleeding under the masking tape. When you deliberately paint over the tape, you end up sealing the edge to refrain the second colour from bleeding. When the paint dries out, you can start painting the second colour. Ensure that the second paint overlaps the bottom part of the tape line. 
  4. When the paint is almost dry, you need to remove the masking tape at a 90-degree angle. 

If you have trouble pulling off the tape while it is wet, try to do it with the help of a craft knife after the paint dries out. 

By following these tips for painting perfect lines on walls, you will successfully be able to create neat paint lines just like professionals offering home painting services. 

You can call home painting services if you think that you won’t be able to carry out the job with precision. Get to hire professionals at reasonable rates to draw perfect lines on your walls effortlessly. Give your walls the attention it deserves! 

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