Washing Machines – The Gadget to Enable Convenient Clothes Washing

Washing Machines - The Gadget to Enable Convenient Clothes Washing
Washing Machines - The Gadget to Enable Convenient Clothes Washing

A washing machine plays a vital role in day to day life because it has simplified doing laundry. If you are unable to find time for washing your clothes and linen after a long cooking session in the kitchen, washing machines are lifesavers. They reduce your workload so more time can be spent on productivity and enjoying life.

The washing machine that you choose depends on the size of your household. If you are purchasing a new washing machine, keep in mind the following models and their functionalities:

  • Single tub washers: Designed to do all the washing and the spin-drying in one tub, these semi-automatic washers come with an outer layer and inner layer with holes that allow the water to drain.
  • Twin tub washers: The twin tub washer is the more common variety of the semi-automatic washing machine, where you’ll find two tubs – one used for washing and the other for spin-drying.
  • Top loader washers: Fully-automatic washing machines come in a top load form. Top load washing machines take up less space, hence they’re perfect to fit into a narrower space.
  • Front loader washers: These are fully-automatic washing machines that load from the front. These machines consume less water and energy.
  • Automatic: Fully automatic washing machines, as the name suggests, complete the laundry process from start to finish, with just a touch of a button.
  • Semi-automatic: These are energy efficient because they use less water and electricity. Semi-automatic washing machines require manual input during the cycle, like moving wet clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub.

Ramtons washing machines come with modern features and are designed to make the laundry process stress-free. Bringing together a host of technological features and wash programs to achieve perfect wash results, here are five reasons why you should own a Ramtons washing machine.

  • Inbuilt driers: If you live a busy life with constrained space, you probably don’t have time to hang the washing. Ramtons washing machines with inbuilt driers are a perfect option for you as they will both wash and dry your clothes in the same cycle. All you need to do is remove the clothes from the machine, iron them and they are ready to wear.
  • Energy efficiency: Always buy A+++ rated washing machine as this can help you save money on electricity and water bills. Ramtons washing machines’ energy label ranges from A+ to A+++, with the latter being the most energy-efficient.
  • Variance in spin speeds: The spin cycle for drying is measured as revolutions per minute (rpm). The higher the rpm, the drier the clothes come out of the machine. They will also dry on the line faster. However, it also depends on the fabric of your laundry. The spin cycle is 300-500 rpm for delicate fabrics, while for thicker clothes, such as jeans, it is about 1000 rpm.
  • Time-saving: Save a trip to the dry-cleaners by refreshing your laundry in the comforts of your home. Ramtons washing machines let you finish laundry in less than an hour. You only have to come back after the wash cycle is over, just to hang the clothes on the clothesline.

Ramtons make lives in the home and kitchen easier through innovative products, ample availability and strong support. We believe in making your shopping journey easy from the point of purchase to the point of use. Our home appliances and kitchen accessories are all about combining functionality, convenience and modernity. Ramtons’ home appliances save time and effort, allowing you to put that time into things you love.

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