Want to know how a small kitchen can serve your purpose?

Want to know how a small kitchen can serve your purpose?
Want to know how a small kitchen can serve your purpose? Image source: Supplied

Where do you meet, where do people talk, laugh, celebrate, cry and sometimes also learn? Right, in the kitchen. In a small space, it is important to plan cleverly, and use possible storage space. The design should be contemporary without breaking the budget. And, it doesn’t take much for that – a small kitchen unit, or individual cabinet elements, a sink cabinet, and wall units for glasses, and dishes form the basic equipment for the first kitchen. A refrigerator, stove, Rotimatic roti maker, and hob are a must for the electrical appliances, so that the great cooking adventure can begin in your own walls.

Great things always arise in small things

The own kitchen is an important area of ​​the first apartment. No matter whether in a student apartment, the first apartment for two, or in a lively shared apartment – the kitchen quickly becomes one of the highlights of social life. There it is easy to retreat and find peace. There you can create something good together, there is a meeting point for all the flatmates. Regardless of who you want to please with a good meal, yourself or your roommates. You will usually find the right way. Equipped with microwaves, small ovens, and a sufficient number of stovetops, the stress says goodbye before cooking in a mini kitchen. Rather, no matter whether kitchen unit, or fitted kitchen, the center of the new apartment adapts perfectly to the needs of its new residents. Just don’t forget to read the Rotimatic Reviews online before purchasing the Rotimatic smart kitchen appliance.


Often it’s not a question of size. With the right equipment, you can conjure up a great menu together in a small kitchen for two. The first apartment together as a couple is exciting, and one of the most important steps for the formation of a common life. Making friends, or family happy at the same time creates a real feeling of belonging. Cooking for two in a small kitchen does not even become a challenge if not only cooking, but also cleaning up afterwards becomes a playful duel at the stove and sink.

In a single kitchen, amateur cooks can really live out for themselves. Although the space available for a single kitchen within the apartment is usually small. With the right planning and clever equipment, the small-sized kitchen becomes a space for great cooking experiences. Functional requirements, and attractive design do not have to contradict each other. Because the whole variety of colors and design options is also available for planning a single kitchen.

Use kitchen services: helpful when it comes to planning

You can talk to any modular kitchen experts to help you in every situation with good advice, and extensive service. With it, you will find with numerous tips, personal advice, and financing options that save your wallet. After the final kitchen planning has been drawn up, you are a lot closer to the dream of a new kitchen. Now, it is time to think about modernization work –

  • Are you planning a new coat of paint?
  • Would you like to lay new tiles?
  • Are electrical work necessary because connections have to be laid?

Professional kitchen studios not only create an exact tile, and connection plan for the new kitchen, many kitchen shops offer you the respective services directly. Or, take over the coordination of the trades so that you can sit back and relax. If renovation work is necessary, time must be planned accordingly. The connection of water and electricity must also be planned. For safety reasons, the electrical installation of the cooker should only be carried out by a suitably trained specialist. In most cases, your kitchen consultant will take care of coordinating the connections. If there is an old kitchen, think about what will happen to it. Do you take over the dismantling, and disposal yourself? Or, do you have this work done by the kitchen studio for an extra charge?

It is useful to utilize the chaotic time

As soon as the modernization work is in progress, a chaotic time awaits you. Depending on how extensive the work is, and whether you are just planning a new coat of paint or, are planning to break through the entire wall – you should assume here that the old kitchen is no longer there.

Organization is the be-all and end-all – Before dismantling the old kitchen, allow enough time to clear it out, pack boxes, and label it. Perhaps you can take advantage of the opportunity to muck out straight away. You can now simply sell, give away or, dispose of what you no longer need or, do not like.

Store the necessary utensils separately – The best way to store everything you need for everyday life is in your own boxes. These include –

  • Cutlery, glasses and dinnerware for all household members.
  • 2-3 serving plates.
  • A few serving spoons and serviettes.
  • Coffee, tea, sugar or sweetener, a few coffee mugs and tea cups.
  • Cutting boards.
  • Barbecue utensils, meat knives, bread knives, paring knives, paring knives.
  • Aluminum foil, cling film, baking paper, 1-2 storage cans.
  • Can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, dishwashing liquid, brush, tub or bowl for dishwashing, tea towels.
  • Salt, pepper and your favorite spices.
  • Large tray to carry the food to the table to transport.

Set up a small transition kitchen –things that you need every day are out of place in boxes, and crates. Place your coffee machine, kettle, toaster, sandwich maker, and electric grill where you can use the devices easily. Also think about where you can wash your dishes.

Set up the dining area – Is there a place where you can temporarily set up your dining table, or can a table alternative be realized?

Organize the fridge – Is there a way to rent a fridge, and put it in the living or dining room?

With a well thought out planning, and organization you can survive the time without a kitchen. The anticipation for the new kitchen is even greater.


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