Thinking Ahead: 6 Benefits of Using Prefabricated Materials for Renovation


Are you thinking of renovating your house? Renovations require careful thinking on your part. You need a relatively large budget to spend. The average Australian spends at least $47,984 per job. Critical rooms like the bathroom take up $15,000 to $25,000, and the kitchen costs around $25,000 to $35,000.

Aside from the costs, you also have to consider how much time the renovation is going to take. The average bathroom renovation takes up an average of twenty-three days, and the whole kitchen renovation process can go on from six weeks to six months.

If you ’re a bit short on budget or you don’t have that much time to spare, you can try checking out prefabricated materials for your home renovation. Prefabrication involves the assembly of components as a set offsite and transporting these finished sections of the structure to the construction site.

Prefabricated materials help you save money and time, and it also offers other benefits. Read on to know more on how prefab can benefit your home improvement renovation project.

Fast installation
It’s up to you if you’re going to do the renovations yourself or you’re going to look for reliable designers for your house. No matter what you choose, prefab will speed up the renovation process.

All you have to do is add it to your home, and you’re one step closer to completion. There’s no need for additional construction, and you can do this in one day. Using prefab materials saves over 29,000 hours in labour, and it’s a proven way to speed up construction mainly if your deadline is fast approaching.

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Less disruption
If you’re using prefab, there’s less interruption in your renovations. Workers will assemble delivered prefab materials on site, on the specific room where it belongs. There’s no need to haul tiles for your bathroom or to cut wood for your kitchen cabinets.

Less cost than customised
Prefab costs less. In the case of showers, you can go for prefab ones rather than buying tiles, shower heads, and other fixtures. Prefabricated materials won’t cost as much as buying the individual pieces, so this means that it’s a better financial option mainly if you’re on a limited budget for renovation.

For prefab cabinets, it might offer essential features such as soft-close doors which you might not find appealing if you’re looking for something else. However, remember that if you keep adding even the most basic features to custom cabinets, it means that you have to pay more. You’re saving money by purchasing prefab.

If you’re also doing the renovations yourself, it’s better if you go for prefab. You’d need carpenters and tilers to help you for site-built showers or customised cabinets. You’ll save money if you prefer DIY, but it’s also advisable to ask for expert advice to ensure excellent quality of your home renovations.

High-quality material
People might perceive prefab as low-cost options coupled with the usual poor quality material, but this isn’t true. It depends on where you buy it, but most companies offer high-quality products mostly because their reputation is at stake.

Manufactured materials in a factory assure that the company follows standards, and strictly observes safety measures. If you’re not too familiar with prefab, you can ask your designer to offer suggestions as to where you can get excellent prefab materials.

It’s true that prefab units have limited designs, so there are times when you can’t get the exact design that you want. However, this can prove as an advantage for you during the renovation.

Maybe you don’t notice it, but you spend a lot of time choosing designs when you’re going for the traditional bathroom. You also have to coordinate your fixtures so that they’d blend in with each other. If you go to prefab, choose a design that suits your taste, and install it in your bathroom.

The usual renovations will require more materials because you have to buy each fixture or furniture, and put them together in one room. If you go to prefab, you’re saving up on materials because you’re buying it as a complete structure, even if you or your designers and workers have to assemble it in your house.

Since companies assemble prefab materials off-site, most probably in factories, companies can reuse excess materials for other purposes. If you’re going to add these materials piece by piece on site during the renovation, the excess materials will probably go to waste.



Whether it’s a home renovation project in Melbourne, California, or in New York, renovations will undoubtedly take up much of your time and money, but there are ways to reduce the cost and time of renovating your house.

One of the effective ways to reduce costs is to use prefabricated materials. Prefab offers a lot of benefits which will undoubtedly aid you in your home improvement project. By using prefabs, not only are you cutting your budget to a more comfortable level, you’re also easing up on it’s installation.

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