The Top 7 Trends for Interior Lighting Design

The Top 7 Trends for Interior Lighting Design
The Top 7 Trends for Interior Lighting Design Source: South Shore Decorating Blog

Architecture is one thing, and interior design is another. You might be wondering if altering the way things are around your home will make it even better. While it’s never really bad to adhere to what used to be, spicing up will give more excitement, aesthetical and emotional effect.

If you’re now ready for change, your next question must be how. “How will I do that?” or “Where do I start?” Well, let me ask you a question. When you are home after a long day, don’t you seek peace and relaxation more than anything else? And when you need to work at home, you will need a lot of focus and concentration.

In order to make your house not only a place for rest but also a place for work, one important thing to start with is choosing the right interior lighting design.

Interior Lighting Design Inspiration

To help you decide on what kind of lighting you should have for your home spaces, we have prepared a list of trends for interior design lighting. May they inspire you on decorating each area inside your house.

  1. Retro and Industrial Style
Source: UK Furnpact

The old style really never gets old. It just keeps on coming back in a better version. The retro and industrial style would always create an emphasis on the metal. Neutral colors are never dull and boring, but add elegance to the lighting fixture. Rustic finishes appear sturdy and classic.

The modern retro trend aims to present sleek units of light in a wide selection of tones as well as designs. If this appeals to your taste, one of the best places to install it is in your kitchen nook.

  1. Linear Ceiling Fixtures
Source: Dutton Brown

According to designer Lauren Grant, “Linear ceiling fixtures that span the width of the room are feeling fresh as opposed to the traditional vertical drop.” As you shop at the nearest depot, you can look for lights that are formed in landscape orientation. You will notice that they seem clean lined and simple. If your aspiration is simplicity, you may consider this trend.

  1. Mid-century Modern and Art Deco
Source: TCP

The early century style had been very in demand in the past. For architecture and interior design, the scheme of mid-century modern styles and art deco had dominated the industry except for some fixtures such as lighting. But today, both are making an explosive comeback as designers have created them to stand out in the modern world.

Mid-century modern style in lighting largely involves the utility of natural forms that unite function and beauty. Meanwhile, art deco promotes geometric models and designs while incorporating sharp lines.

  1. LED Strip Lights
Source: Instagram

The number one advantage of installing innovative LED strip lights at your home is that they are not space-consuming, and they are getting cheaper. As you notice, they can be hidden in your stairs, walls, cabinets, etc. They are intentionally unobtrusive, but the light they produce is amazingly visible. Aside from their money and power-saving properties, they come in different brightness, colors, designs, shapes, etc.

  1. Vintage Style Lighting
Source: Not On The High Street

The vintage lighting trend is most evident in coffee shops and reading outlets. It is referred to as a “warmer retro style”. Usually, the lights come in yellow tones. Due to its cozy and homely feel, it creates a comfortable, peaceful, and quiet ambiance. The nostalgic property of the vintage trend makes it perfect for your living area and bedroom.

  1. Sculptural Lighting Fixtures
Source: Mobile-beta

Designers have developed a trend that upholds the notion, “the bigger, the better”. The sculptural lighting fixtures get highlighted in your home spaces such as the living room. It is like a bombshell in certain parts of the house. It gives a “wow” factor as it is precisely attention-grabbing.

“We love using sculptural fixtures or lamps that can really be a statement piece in a room’s overall design,” says Elissa Morgante of Morgante Wilson Architects. Bolder shapes are rushing into trends this 2019. These fixtures are mostly used at the foyer or in the dining area.

  1. Brass and Gold
Source: Pinterest

Does gold hold your attention? For some reason, gold has always been outstanding. Maybe, it’s because we are well aware of its value. Golden lighting fixtures are coming out really strong this year. Classic chandeliers will be widely integrated with real brass, not an artificial one. Designers have promised that they will materialize in a huge number of varieties such as shapes and forms. Understanding brass lighting more will expand your design options.


Interior lighting is one of the most thrilling stuff to work on, especially if you’re a full-time mom who wants to make home a better place for the family. If you’re single and designing your own space for yourself, it’s also a good idea to modify your lighting items along with the other furniture. Just remember, find a good inspiration to work in a faster and easier manner. I hope this article has helped you. Good luck!

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