The perfect Kitchen Mixer for big family get togethers

The perfect Kitchen Mixer for big family get togethers
The perfect Kitchen Mixer for big family get togethers

The Zesis M33 kitchen mixer

With the festive season upon us, the kitchen is primed and ready to become a focal point for the family. For some, it’s a place to get back to the basics: messy turkey stuffing stations, flour and batter for the bakers, and crumbs from where the kids found their way into the cookie cupboard. For the big family kitchen, you want a kitchen mixer that can do the essentials and look good at the same time.

You want the Zesis M33 kitchen mixer.

Beauty and Precision

The Zesis M33 embodies a beautiful kitchen faucet that has been reduced to the essentials. The ComfortZone height of 150cm and a swivel range of 150° mean lots of space for you to work at the sink without feeling too cluttered. Adding to the advantage of the 150cm ComfortZone, the 2jet pull-out spray makes life even easier by filling pots or measuring cups that are standing on the cupboard next to the sink. There is no need for lifting heavy pots filled with water in and out of the sink.

You can easily switch between the clear laminar spray and the shower spray modes using the diverter on the spout. The laminar spray is excellent for filling any container, while the shower mode is good for rinsing vegetables or giving the sink a quick scrub. QuickClean technology also ensures that any dirt or limescale will disappear with a simple wipe.

Designed with smooth, clean curves and boasting a gorgeous symmetry, the Zesis M33 looks fabulous in any home. It also complements a range of décor styles; finish the mixer in matt black if your kitchen is modern with dark accents, or finish in chrome to match a country style or white-based colour scheme.

The Perfect Combination

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your style, you can get rid of the clutter around your sink with one of hansgrohe’s elegant liquid soap dispensers. The liquid container sits out of sight, so you only see the dispenser, making them the perfect complement to your Zesis mixer. Dispensers are available in round, linear, or flattened flanges, as well as in chrome or stainless-steel finishes, so that you can match them perfectly with your décor.

While you’re busy running the holiday meal train, be sure to also get your hands on one of hansgrohe’s versatile wooden chopping boards, which come in oak or walnut, and are designed to sit on the sink as an extra shelf. Combine this with the multifunctional sieve, ridged to sit comfortably in your sink and perfect for washing fruits and vegetables while keeping your hands free.

If your sink has no dedicated drying rack, then finish your collection with the mobile draining board. The boards are extremely economical and will help you free up space elsewhere in your kitchen.


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