Ten Air Conditioner Maintenance and Home Cooling Tricks

Ten Air Conditioner Maintenance and Home Cooling Tricks
Ten Air Conditioner Maintenance and Home Cooling Tricks

The last thing you want when you live at a place that is very hot is a broken air conditioner. The heat is one thing, but the charge of changing your AC unit might make you sweat even extra! As luck would have it, there are some easy tasks you can perform to maintain your unit. Most air conditioners have two units; outdoor unit and indoor unit. The outdoor unit is the one that sits outside your house and an indoor unit is the one that is present inside your house, it an air handler. If you need to keep your air conditioner running smoothly you have to contact an air conditioning installation company. We provide expert air conditioning repair, installation and replacement services near Los Angeles. Our staff will not stop working until you are fully delighted with the results.

Maintenance of Outdoor Air Conditioning unit

1. Clear the debris: The less the debris that could potentially enter and block up the unit the better. Taking out the cap and then taking a vacuum to the inside of the condenser is a great way to get rid of all the leaves, tree twigs, stones, and grease that might be building up in your outdoor unit.

2. Power off the unit: The most harmless and responsible way to carry out AC maintenance on your unit is to power it off before you commence with it. By blocking out the power supply, you can make sure that you do a deep cleaning of your unit and bound the risk of injury.

3. Cleaning the fins: fins are the small metal spikes that shield the condenser coil. Many homeowners have experienced blocked fins on their air conditioners. One can use a hose that is on a low setting, to do away with any undesirable build up on the exterior of your fins. If probable, it is best to eliminate the lid of the condenser and then spray on it from the inside out.

4. Fixing the fins: These delicate metal pieces are susceptible to being bent. To make sure that they are working as they should be, one can use a butter knife and very carefully; straighten them out on the condenser unit. One can also buy what is called; a fin comb, which is a small tool that will help them to drag and straighten out many fins all at one time.

5. Checking the insulation on the coolant pipes. The line that transmits the cool air via your air conditioning system should be concealed by a layer of concentrated insulation. Sometimes, exposure from the sun can destroy these shielding linings. One should keep checking these insulation pipes regularly, as it keeps the refrigerant cold and also it protects the pipe and prevents it from almost anything that might happen to it.

Maintenance of Indoor Air Conditioning Unit

The maintenance of the indoor components of your AC unit is just as important as the maintenance of the outside unit.

6. Clearing the drain of your unit: the condensate drain of your AC is filled with condensation and water that is of course released by your Air Conditioner. This plastic tube is like heaven for mold which can potentially clog up your system and really block everything up. One can use specialized AC pan pills to prevent your condensate drain from clogging up or use a vacuum to get rid of a clog, if it has already been formed.

7. Checking in on your filter: a quality filter is crucial for keeping the dirt and dust away from your blower. Usually, we would recommend that every home should change their filter in a gap of every three months or so. This allows your AC to work proficiently and dodge performance issues.

8. Checking for leaks: unluckily, not every single AC maintenance service can be executed by oneself at home. So, if you do detect a leak in any of the refrigerant lines present in your AC unit, you must employ the assistance of an air conditioner maintenance professional.

9. Deep clean with a brush: you can scrub the dirt off of a small room in your air conditioner by making use of a plastic stubble brush and a foam cleaning product.

10. Cleaning the Evaporator Drain: one can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the algae or mold that might have built up in the drainage pipe, that may cause stinks and cause malfunctioning of the inner unit of the air conditioner. Go here to Find air conditioner repair in Los Angeles.

Home cooling tips and tricks You need not to worry, because you are at the right page if you do not want your
electricity bills to go higher but still want to beat the heat this summer, here are some ways you can keep yourself and your house cold this summer:

●Keep the blinds of your windows closed, i.e. keep them covered.
●Make an addition of a room dehumidifier to your room.
●Sleep close and lower to the floor.
●Keep your windows open during the night time.
●Keep switching your bed sheets; for it is a great way to keep your room cool.
●Limit the use of hot appliances and ditch the incandescent lights.
●Set your ceiling fans in such a way that they rotate anti-clockwise.

Air Conditioner Installation – LA

The fact that the temperature is on the rise almost throughout the year; there is a necessity for AC installation in LA. You can look at this website to find the best air conditioning installation company in Los Angeles. They bring comfort and since it also proved with filtered air, which lays a way for a room that is dirt and dust free that ultimately improves the personal health of people. When installing ac’s in LA or any other place for that matter, one of the major things that home-owners fear the most is that the installation might affect their previously installed equipment if it is not done properly, and this is why professional aid is required, a professional expert will make sure that your AC is very properly installed without positioning any other equipment at any type of risk.

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