Step into an Oasis of Elegance with AXOR’s New Bathroom Accessories

AXOR PRESENTS A CANVAS OF BATHROOM ELEGANCE with the launch of striking additions to the Universal Rectangular Accessories range

Step into an Oasis of Elegance with AXOR’s New Bathroom Accessories
The AXOR Rectangular Accessories set

New shapes and surfaces have ushered in a gamut of possibilities for self-expression in bathroom design. AXOR, renowned for its commitment to innovation and design excellence, introduces the AXOR Universal Accessories range – a triumphant trio comprising three distinct lines: rectangular, round, and softly rounded corners, embodied as AXOR Universal Rectangular, AXOR Universal Circular, and AXOR Universal Softsquare.

In a world where bathroom design is an art form, AXOR believes in the power of simplicity and unadorned elegance. Now AXOR unveils a striking addition to the AXOR Universal Rectangular Accessories portfolio, designed in collaboration with the visionary Philippe Starck.

The new AXOR Rectangular Accessories set the stage for unobtrusive yet high-quality accents in your bathroom sanctuary. They embrace a design language that doesn’t seek the spotlight but rather complements and elevates your personal style.

As you step into your bathroom, envision it as a canvas of possibilities where the clean lines and right angles of rectangular design become a symphony of balance and order. These AXOR Rectangular Accessories blend structure and artistry, offering a uniform and elegant overall look to your bathroom space.

The extensive range includes a shaving mirror, toilet paper holder, and various towel holders, each meticulously crafted to ensure a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic within your bathroom oasis.

AXOR. Form follows Perfection.

AXOR conceives and manufactures iconic objects for luxurious bathrooms and kitchens. Developed in collaboration with world-renowned designers—Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud and Barber Osgerby among them—AXOR products come in a variety of styles. All AXOR faucets, showers and accessories are produced to the highest standards of quality. With an expertise that extends far beyond the products themselves, AXOR inspires and enables architects, interior designers and the design-savvy public. Together with AXOR, they shape water-related spaces that reflect the unique personality of the user. Part of the Hansgrohe Group, AXOR is a forward-thinking brand dedicated to developing distinctive products, manufactured with excellence.