Steam Iron or Dry Iron – Which One to Choose?

Steam Iron or Dry Iron - Which One to Choose?
Steam Iron or Dry Iron - Which One to Choose?

While not the most fun chore to do, ironing is usually perceived as a dreary task. Having clean and fresh clothes while you head out to work or an important meeting cannot be ignored either. A crumpled appearance could indicate you didn’t care enough to put in that extra effort. Ironing also preserves the fabric in clothes to improve their quality and ensure a long life. Dry cleaners sometimes use harmful chemicals that you can avoid by doing your own laundry and ironing at home.

Your usage and budget play an important role in deciding which iron to buy. However, this technical checklist will ease your process and aid you in buying an iron that will add a lot more utility and usability in the long run.

  • Wattage

This factor decides the operational capability of an iron. Irons with a powerful wattage will heat up quite fast. Always remember while selecting an iron – higher the wattage, better the performance. You will be able to deal with tougher creases better with higher wattage. The functional range of irons with usable wattage capacity ranges between 750 to 2400 watts.

  • Soleplate

The soleplate is the most vital part of an ironing appliance, as it has direct contact with your clothes. It allows the iron to glide smoothly over fabrics and ensures easy, even and fast ironing. Aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel and non-stick are some of the types of soleplate in modern ironing appliances. The material of the soleplate is a determining factor for the appropriate choice of a steam iron. The dry iron’s soleplate is fully solid whereas the steam iron’s soleplate is perforated for the release of the steam.

  • Water Tank

A steam iron has a water tank that allows it to emit steam. This allows for easy and effective ironing as steam is great for removing stubborn wrinkles. If you’re health-conscious, steam cleaning is highly effective and replaces the need for toxic chemicals that will not always always do the job of sanitizing as you’d hoped.

  • Spraying Mist

Unlike the dry iron that gives you the option of only using pressure when removing the wrinkles from your clothes, steam iron has spraying mist options where you can moisten your clothes; removing wrinkles will become quite easy. You will also be able to iron many outfits in the shortest time possible.

  • Weight

Steam irons can be a bit heavier than dry irons as you need to factor in the weight of the water which the dry iron does not have. However, the construction of modern steam irons is increasingly getting lightweight, so this factor should not have a major impact.

  • Usage frequency

Before making a purchase, you need to consider the frequency of the use of your iron. If you have to iron only a couple of clothes daily, then go for a dry iron. Steam iron makes it easier to iron a large bundle of clothes in a shorter time period. Should you wish to save time with loads of crumpled laundry, then you must definitely go for a steam iron.

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