So how do you choose the perfect blinds for your windows?

So how do you choose the perfect blinds for your windows?
So how do you choose the perfect blinds for your windows?

Window sizes are never standard. This is why we have a collection of blinds for every occasion and every window covering, regardless of the situation or requirement. Here are some great examples of the types of blinds we have and when should you consider these types.

Aluminium Blinds

Looking to add something special to your office? We often recommend a blind from our aluminium blinds offering, as it has always been a favourite in the commercial and business sector. However, it is also a fantastic option for your home as well. Choosing an Aluminium blind is a great option for the bathroom because it is corrosion and water-resistant material making it an excellent fitment, whereas wood would falter.

Aluwood Blinds

Perhaps, you find aluminium a little too industrial for your tastes, we also offer a high-quality wood grain finish called aluwood. These hardy blinds are long-lasting and require little maintenance compared to wooden blinds. If you’re looking for the warmth and style of wood with double the strength, our Aluwood blinds may be the option for you.

Venetian Blinds

There is a reason that Venetian blinds are one of the most common and sought after blinds for any home. It is the perfect blind for those where authenticity is of top priority. With the true embodiment of style in our minds, it is no surprise that our Venetian blind is the star of the show at Premium Blinds. With its easiness to add a sophisticated flair to almost any room and window. The Venetian blind is the perfect covering choice, with wider slates and a variety of finishes.

Our selection of Basswood Venetian blinds, goes a long way in the regulating of temperature in your home, by insulating warmth during winter and letting the sun in during summer. Meaning that your electricity bill could be lower, a little extra bonus to consider when picking your blinds. We also offer an exclusive range of Bamboo Venetian blinds for an environmentally friendly, stylish option.

Roller Blinds

For those looking for a lighter option, Roller Blinds are the ideal blind for you. These modern window treatments are of the roller variety and offer a range of fabrics that go from light and translucent to dark and block out. We offer a collection of fabrics that come in many colours, textures and patterns, ideal for every look and feel.

And if you are looking for a more natural feel. We offer a natural woven shade, that has been fashioned from reeds, bamboo, woods and sisal, which adds to the perfect blind of fashion forwardness and long-lasting quality.

Vertical Blinds

And if you are still not sure about all these amazing options or looking for something that is a little more practical when it comes to longer/full-length windows or sliding doors, we can’t recommend the Vertical Blinds enough.

With an extensive range of colours, textiles and patterns on offer, it is the ideal candidate for any environment that you are trying to create. Another fantastic benefit is that when drawing back the blind, they pack tightly together, allowing for your view to remain pristine and unobscured.

Vertical blinds are also great, in that they do not collect dust like their horizontal counterparts. As well as that they are great for keeping insects out. If you’re looking for a soft, open feel, vertical blinds are ideal for you.

Choose Premium Blinds

Whatever look and style you choose for your home, you can be confident in us to deliver your ideal blinds that are measured and produced swiftly and efficiently, with no compromises in quality for exchange for fast delivery. Your peace of mind and happiness is our top priority, and thus we promise you superior quality products in record time. If you’re ready to put our three-day promise to the test and add to the comfort and personality of your home, take a look through our Catalog, but if you have any questions we’re always available to assist.