Shutter-Guard Aluminium Security Shutters: The Art of Security & Style

Shutter-Guard Aluminium Security Shutters: The Art of Security & Style
ShutterGuard® Aluminium Security Shutters

ShutterGuard® Aluminium Security Shutters are a safe, stylish, savvy solution for doors or windows – providing security without compromising the aesthetics of your residential or commercial space.

Just because safety comes first, it doesn’t mean that your décor can’t still be the envy of your guests.

Stylish & Safe Aluminium Shutters

ShutterGuard® looks and works smartly! These shutters are folding, aluminium louvred slats that can open up a room, control temperature, noise and light, all while keeping you safe.

This innovative, patented system offers a two-way locking system which makes it virtually impenetrable.

– A 3.4cm bolt secures the top track when locked
– The Cisa system allows you to lock the shutters with a special security key.
– A 6cm patented bolt secures the shutters to the floor, leaving no leverage to lift +
the lockout of the track.
– The patented Gear-lock keeps the shutters in place
– An added security feature is the louvre lock pin which secures the louvre panel
– All of these security measures are designed to make the entire shutter difficult to break through. Stringent security tests have been successfully carried out.

Styled To Suit Any Space

Manufactured entirely from aluminium, these shutters can be fitted to nearly any door and window. Not only that but the louvres are adjustable as well. These shutters can be adjusted to suit any space. These accents to your décor can be customized to fit and function perfectly.

Not only can the fitting be customized, so can the color. Request a quote on the style and color shutters you want and we will make it happen.

Whether it is privacy, security or an uninterrupted view you’re after – speak to us about Shutter Guard® Aluminium Security Shutters. Inspired Décor will always find a way for you to have both safety and style.