Should I Care About My Property’s Curb Appeal?

Should I Care About My Property’s Curb Appeal?
Should I Care About My Property’s Curb Appeal? Image source: Supplied

Are you planning to sell your house? First impressions are huge when it comes to houses. Your house should be attractive enough to stop passersby in their tracks and gawk at it. The visual appeal should make every homeowner’s mouth water and instigate a bidding war amongst those who are currently looking for a home. This is why your home’s curb appeal is so important.

When it comes to real estate, judging a book by its cover is the norm. If the exterior doesn’t incite an instant desire to own it, chances are that not many people are going to bother looking at what’s inside. 

If up till now you have overlooked your home’s curb appeal, it’s time to give it some much due attention. And here’s how you can do that.

  • Improve landscaping

Front lawns and gardens are one of the most desired features in a house. However, a garden with dried up grass and dying plants will have the opposite effect.

Before you put your house up for sale, improve its landscaping. From planting a fresh bed of grass to blooming flora, show your property in the best light. 

  • Upgrade Main gate

Is your main gate rickety and barely holding it together? Unless buyers are specifically looking for fixer-uppers, your house won’t generate much interest.

Safety and privacy is a major factor considered by buyers and a weak gate doesn’t exactly scream security. Upgrade your gate with a better version or with an automated version. It will add to the value of your house.

  • Repaint Fencing

Fencing gives any home a charming and idyllic touch. However, this same fencing can start looking dreary if not maintained properly. If installing a brand new fence is out of your budget, even a fresh coat of paint can significantly improve its appearance. The same goes for any railings. 

  • Clean & Repair Driveway

As potential buyers drive up your house, a neglected driveway full of potholes will not create a good impression. Prior to putting your house on the market, get your driveway repaired. You can also do-it-yourself or involve a professional to pressure wash your driveway to give it a fresh look.

In addition to these, lining the driveway with hedges is a good idea.

  • Light Up the Pathway

Darkness never feels inviting. Lighting plays a major role in showcasing your home’s interiors and outdoor lighting is just as important. From lighting fixtures to garden lights, make sure your exteriors are well lit.

  • Attractive Front Door

Your main door is the focal point of your house. No matter how grandiose your facade is, the eye will ultimately settle on the front door. You need a door that’s eye-catching and sturdy. Doors Direct is an online store offering a wide range of doors. 

  • Repaint Exteriors

There is nothing charming about chipping, peeling paint. You might think that it’s the next homeowner’s responsibility, but will your house sell in the first place? Repainting the exteriors is an easy way to breathe new life into your house.

  • Clean Roof & Gutters

Potential buyers are unlikely to inspect the roof from a close range, but still, piles of dirt and debris is a no go. Hire a professional to thoroughly clean your roof and gutter.

  • Replace Hardware

From house numbers, doorknobs to mailboxes, these little things make a huge difference. These simple and affordable upgrades will instantly increase your home’s curb appeal. 

  • Welcoming Porch

Try to stage your porch to be as welcoming as possible. Plants, swings, coffee seating and so on create an inviting ambience. This will allow potential buyers to feel at home and envision themselves living there.

Boosting your home’s curb appeal can shoot up its value in the market. Trust us, these little improvements will speed up the sale!