Samsung’s new 5 Gas Burner Stainless Steel Cooker introduces timeous innovation and design

Samsung’s new 5 Gas Burner Stainless Steel Cooker introduces timeous innovation and design
Samsung’s new 5 Gas Burner Stainless Steel Cooker introduces timeous innovation and design

For South Africans, a gas cooker has become an essential for the home. It is the meeting point of both form and function – the perfect finish to a stylish kitchen, with the practical benefit of cooking without electricity.

These are just some of the many reasons why South Africans are so excited to hear that Samsung has designed and launched a unique 5 Gas Burner Stainless Steel Cooker for the local market. Its introduction will come as great news to those who embrace the effortless nature of gas cooking and a seamless approach to saving on energy costs.

The Samsung 5 Gas Burner Stainless Steel Cooker makes it easier to prepare a wide variety of dishes so you don’t just get tasty meals but you get them even faster using optimal heat. Its Flexible Cooktop lets you cook how you want with a choice of five burners, including a Triple Burner, a Rapid Burner, and a Simmer Burner. From a design perspective, the door’s stunning mirror finish also adds a touch of real style and elegance. The modern and robust design makes the Gas Cooker easy to maintain and keep clean.

With many of us spending more time at home recently and even experimenting with new recipes, this Samsung innovation is set to fire up the imagination of many.

Gas Adds Value In Every Way

This innovative gas cooker has a recommended retail price of R17,999. To ensure even greater value, those who purchase the cooker from the 25th of January will receive a R2000 Woolworths gift card with their purchase along with the benefits of Samsung Signature Service, which ensures that everything from purchase to

delivery to installation is in the best hands. This offer is limited to the first 150 customers*. The Samsung Gas Cooker will also come with a 2-year warranty.

Expect fast & even cooking

Cooking food evenly and in a flash is effortless with a powerful Triple Power Burner. Its three concentric rings of flame produce searing, multi-dimensional heat, so even large dishes are heated quickly and evenly. You can rapidly boil water and sear steaks or instantly switch to a gentler heat to slow cook.

It’s flexible in every way

You can cook many different types of dishes on the Flexible Cooktop. Its five burners include the Triple Burner, the Rapid Burner that can rapidly go from high to low heat, and a Simmer Burner which will gently simmer, melt, or warm food. Its cast-iron grates also ensure better stability.

It has an irresistible modern & stylish look

You can upgrade your home with a premium and trendy look. The Mirror Door’s stunning mirror finish will add a touch of sophisticated style to any modern kitchen. It is also easy to wipe clean and reflects light to create a bright environment. So you can enjoy a stylish and practical way to cook

You will have flexible grilling to save time & energy

Enjoy perfectly grilled food –made fast and efficiently. The Power Grill Heater is 2-step adjustable to cook different types and quantities of food. The High Grill quickly and evenly cooks big dishes or a large number of items. Or use the Low Grill to cook small amounts and save energy.

It’s easier to monitor and control your cooking

With this exceptional gas cooker, you have a simple and intuitive way of cooking. The Digital LED display lets you quickly check the cooking time and cooking mode with just a glance. In addition, it has a timer function that you can set with a simple touch and it intelligently alerts you to turn off the oven when a dish is ready.

It includes convenient extra built-in storage space

A Storage Compartment under the oven cavity provides a handy place to keep dishes, pots, pans, and other oven accessories, so you can find everything quickly. Whatever you need to prepare and serve your meals can be kept within easy reach.

The easy-clean and mark-resistant interior is a revelation

Cleaning up after cooking is effortless. The smooth surface of the oven cavity’s enamel coating is easy to keep clean, as any mess can be quickly wiped away without scrubbing. It is also very resistant to marks and rust and helps prevent bacteria from spreading. And it won’t discolour over time.

Stir-frying is fast & safe

You can stir-fry efficiently and safely using a Wok Grate. Its circular design fits snugly around the burner, so your wok is kept stable and won’t wobble or accidentally tip over and they are always in the right place to spread the heat quickly and evenly and create delicious stir-fried food.

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The Samsung 5 Gas Burner Stainless Steel Cooker is clearly a great idea whose time has arrived.

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