Revitalising a bathroom: introducing Vernis for bespoke beauty and eco-friendly delivery

BESPOKE BEAUTY AND ECO-FRIENDLY EXCELLENCE Elevate your bathroom with hansgrohe’s Vernis range

Revitalising a bathroom: introducing Vernis for bespoke beauty and eco-friendly delivery
Modern bathroom using the new Vernis Range in Matt Black

The Vernis range by hansgrohe is a versatile solution designed to complement any bathroom aesthetic. With its two distinct designs, Vernis Blend and Vernis Shape, it caters to both square and round preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for various bathroom styles. Whether you’re building anew or renovating, Vernis brings a savvy modern touch that will resonate with your personal style.


Customise Your Perfect Look

Elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics with Vernis products, available in chrome or FinishPlus Matt Black. This flexibility empowers you to curate the perfect bathroom space that seamlessly integrates with your choice of tiles and decor. The stylish Matt Black finish provides a contemporary touch, allowing you to exercise creative freedom and express your unique preferences while maintaining a consistent design language.


Luxury & Convenience Combined

Experience the convenience of the entire range, with options available to suit your particular needs. the Vernis shower pipe is an exposed solution that offers simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Retrofitting is a breeze, transforming your shower experience without the need to purchase individual elements separately. This efficient solution not only enhances your bathroom but also streamlines the process, making upgrading your shower a hassle-free endeavour.


Excellence with EcoSmart

The Vernis Range goes beyond aesthetics and convenience by incorporating the eco-friendly EcoSmart technology. Install the EcoSmart variant and witness the synergy of sustainability, carbon reduction, and cost savings. This innovative feature ensures responsible water usage without compromising performance, contributing to a greener planet while reducing your utility bills. Install the CoolStart variant and watch your energy bills lower accordingly, as CoolStart stops the automatic activation of hot water at the faucet.


Putting the Environment First

Choosing hansgrohe products, including the Vernis Range, is a conscientious choice for the planet. hansgrohe’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and sustainability aligns with your desire for elegant and eco-friendly solutions. By opting for hansgrohe, you’re not only enhancing your bathroom’s aesthetics but also contributing to a more sustainable future through responsible water consumption and energy efficiency.


hansgrohe stands for holistic solutions for bathrooms and kitchens that combine water- and energy-saving technologies, intelligent functions and durable quality. With its timeless premium products, the tradition-rich brand combines forward-looking innovations with a sustainable and mindful lifestyle at a high level of comfort. Together with its long-standing design partner PHOENIX, the company also creates Smart Living applications that enrich everyday life with more functionality, safety and unique experiences with water. Within the internationally active Hansgrohe Group, the premium brand hansgrohe manufactures, markets and distributes showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen faucets, and kitchen sinks.


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