Quick and Easy changes to your bathroom

Quick and Easy changes to your bathroom
Declutter your shower with the WallStoris

Quick Changes in the Bathroom with hansgrohe

Does your bathroom lack that little something special, but a full-blown renovation seems out of reach? Don’t worry! With a few clever tweaks, you can breathe new life into your space without breaking the bank.


Here at Hansgrohe, we’ve got some quick and easy solutions to refresh your bathroom:

  • For a touch of colour: consider adding stylish accessories like the AddStoris Available in various finishes to complement your existing design, these bathroom accessories create a harmonious partnership with the colour matching FinishPlus mixers and showers from hansgrohe. This combination results in a coherent overall picture, where shapes and colours blend seamlessly without clutter. It allows you to personalise your bathroom and add a touch of vibrancy.
  • Organised bliss:Declutter your shower with the WallStoris. This innovative solution provides a sleek and convenient way to store all your shower essentials, keeping your space tidy and maximising functionality. All WallStoris modules are easy to install and can be relocated as required. Nice and renter-friendly. Little effort, lots of effect, long-lasting pleasure.
  • Shower power upgrade:Elevate your showering experience by upgrading your showerhead and hand shower. hansgrohe offers a variety of styles and technologies to suit your needs. For example, our Pulsify S overhead showers provide a luxurious showering pleasure for any size bathroom, while our invigorating Select hand showers offer a refreshing rinse.
  • Bath to shower transformation: Dream of a shower but don’t have the budget for a full remodel? The Croma Showerpipe, a convenient all-in-one system with overhead shower, hand shower, and thermostatic mixer or single lever tap, is your answer! It easily installs in your existing bathtub, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing shower without the hassle of a major renovation. Pair it with a stylish shower curtain or a sleek glass panel for a polished look.


Empowering Renovation:


Whether you opt for a “facelift” with fresh paint and better lighting or a complete “makeover” with new taps or a shower, you should feel empowered to make your bathroom more beautiful. Regardless of the scale of renovation, hansgrohe is the right partner to walk this journey with you. To help you envision your dream bathroom, consider these steps:


  1. Evaluate Your Needs: Think about how you currently use your bathroom and what improvements would make the biggest difference. Do you crave a spa-like experience with a luxurious showerhead? Does your family need more storage space?  Make a list of your priorities.
  2. Define Your Scope: Once you know your needs, decide on the level of renovation you’re comfortable with. A “facelift” can involve simple updates like painting, adding new mixers, or replacing light fixtures.  A more extensive renovation might involve installing a new shower system, vanity, or toilet.
  3. Explore Design Inspiration: Browse online resources like Pinterest or magazines to gather ideas for styles, materials, and layouts. For personalised guidance, hansgrohe offers a Bathroom Planner to help you visualise your dream bathroom.
  4. Plan and Budget: With a clearer picture of your project, create a budget that considers materials, and labour. hansgrohe also offers a Renovation Whitepaper with valuable tips for planning and budgeting.


hansgrohe by Your Side


With these steps and resources, you can transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional haven.  hansgrohe offers a wide range of high-quality products and expert advice to help you achieve your renovation goals, big or small.


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