Plasterboard Suppliers

Plasterboard Suppliers
Plasterboard is a very popular material

Dropped ceilings, bulkheads, shaped walls & expressive screens have been making a big comeback. Plasterboard suppliers are your materials best starting point.

Nobody has an excuse anymore for plain, boring walls and ceilings. Plasterboard suppliers have turned them into artworks! Modern styles took the grandiose designs of the Victorian, Rococo and Baroque eras and flattened them to the absolute minimum.

Over the past decade, dropped ceilings, shaped walls, expressive screens, and fancy treatments have made a big comeback.

Wood, steel and plastics can be used to create these beautiful features, but nothing beats the versatility and functionality of plasterboard. Here are some interior design advantages to using plasterboard.

The Engineering Benefits Of Products From Plasterboard Suppliers

Plasterboard is a very popular material for dropped ceilings. Very importantly, it brings heat-resistant properties to ceilings with its noncombustible core of chemically combined water in calcium sulfate.

When in contact with fire, the fibreboard releases steam and then, when dry, the board continues to resist heat. The use of multiple layers increases the heat resistance.

With heat resistance comes thermal insulation to keep your home cool or warm, depending on your goal. In addition, the air gap between your slab or roof and the dropped ceiling traps the cooled or warmed air in the room.

The insulation also serves as sound insulation in acoustic design that manages sound insulation between rooms. It also dampens excess sound to improve interior communication.

The Design Benefits Of Products From Plasterboard Suppliers

Plasterboards are flexible and soft, allowing moulding into complex designs for ceilings, walls or screens.

The boards are easily drilled into for the fitting of LED downlights. This allows for diverse lighting plans with some dramatic results. More importantly, the lighting is evenly distributed, which eliminates dark corners or overly bright areas.

When painted white, plasterboard ceilings are highly reflective, which means you need fewer lights in the room.

The design options are only limited by your own creativity. Simple or intricate, plasterboards can deliver the solution you want. From recessed, LED-lit channels in walls to multi-layered bulkheads with recessed troughs for ambient lighting.

One of the award-winning ceilings that we love is the Hyacinth Interior Design by Tong-Yi Hu.

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To quote an extract from the design submission to the competition:

“The herring-bone wooden floors, piercing iron-glass partitions, and the double-arc ceiling design of the dining room, along with the multiple materials that echo each other, show a deep and multi-layered spirit of originality.”

The proportions, the layering and the interplay of lines, depth and curves is truly a masterful achievement. We look forward to seeing many more designs coming to fruition in the South African market.

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