Live like a Minimalist

Live like a Minimalist
Live like a Minimalist

Minimalism: a trend that a whole lot of people are frothing over. In extreme cases, the act of minimalism can be restrictive (like living without a car or Wi-Fi – no thanks), but in most instances minimalism can have an incredibly positive impact on your well-being. Just witnessing the almost cult-like following Marie Kondo and her new show, Tidying UP, on Netflix has garnered is enough to convince even the sceptics that clearing clutter is a game-changer. If you, like us at Taylor, are wanting to simplify your life and your home in 2019 – adopting some minimalism practices is a really good place to start. Oh, and you can keep your car and Wi-Fi.


Essentials, essentials, essentials

The essentials are, well, essential. When clearing your space make a brief checklist of what you use on a daily basis. Really dig deep and recycle or donate it if it doesn’t serve a purpose (or as Marie Kondo says – gives you joy). You’ll soon see that you hoard much more than you actually use and won’t even think twice about what you’ve gotten rid of once it’s gone. This act isn’t only good for decluttering but allows you to cut down on purchasing items that you don’t really need.


Keep your standards high and your intent higher

when you adopt the mentality that less is more, you’ll appreciate quality décor and furniture pieces that make a statement. Opting for a neutral colour palette will allow you to use your statement furniture pieces for many years and decor changes to come, even when colour trends get a little wild.

Minimalism is an Art

A pared down pallet of white, beige, and grey is popular in minimalist decor, but venturing outside of the monotone is perfectly acceptable – especially when experimenting with primary colours in their purest shades. A great way to sneak colour accents into your scheme is with roller blinds. Once the frame has been installed, changing your fabric choice is quick and cost effective which means that you’ll be able to change your window coverings to suit any look you’re going for, all while keeping UV rays at bay to protect those statement pieces.


Texture for them feels

It’s easy to assume that in order to be minimal you need to exclusively use flat colours, but this is definitely not the case. Introducing a little bit of texture into your space can give it added depth and warmth without foregoing your minimalist aspirations. Texture works particularly well when it’s balanced out with clean, flat colours. For example, investing in Taylor’s ShutterGuard Aliminium Security shutters, with their matte white finish (opt for the grain finish for the textured look) is a great way to add subtle texture for depth and killer, but subtle, security – which is an essential (see point one).

Now that you’re equipped, go and join the minimalism trend, you can thank us later.

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