Latest Kitchen Trends That You Should Know!

Latest Kitchen Trends That You Should Know!
Latest Kitchen Trends That You Should Know!

Just like you cannot imagine a house without doors, there cannot be a house without a kitchen. Good god, where will you make all the delicious meals and serve food?! It is not just the favourite and the most important part of the house for chefs but also for interior designers. 

The interior designers take pains to make sure that the kitchen looks warm and welcoming and makes preparing food a fun activity. If you have been dreading entering the kitchen of your house for a while, maybe your kitchen needs a makeover you need one to make you feel better! Here are the latest trends straight from the interior designers themselves –


Adding an island to your kitchen automatically adds more counter space for your kitchen, and sometimes they can work as additional storage space as well. They can also be used to serve midday snacks or breakfasts. While islands add a different look to a kitchen, it is not suited for smaller kitchens. Islands are more commonly seen in large kitchens. If you are one of the lucky ones who have a large kitchen, maybe you lack an island. 

If your kitchen is not large enough to add an island in the middle of it, you can add a peninsula perpendicular to a wall, instead. 

Green Is The Colour For Your Kitchen This Year 

If you follow kitchen design articles and blogs, you will notice a trend – green is used in almost every kitchen renovation. It seems to be the go-to colour for interior designers this year. The colour, when added to a kitchen wall or cabinet, makes the kitchen look equally subdued and luxurious. Forest greens and bottle greens are the most popular green shades used in the kitchen. White marble tops, smoky glass, soft metals perfectly balance the darkly luxurious feel of the green colour. It is high time you repaint the walls of your kitchen and add some nice accessories.


Navy Continues To The Favourites Of Interior Designers And Homemakers

Although green is said to be the go-to colour for interior designers this year, navy seems to be the one colour that continues to be popular despite so many changes in the kitchen design trends. Like the darkly luxurious forest green Colours, navy adds a regal look to the kitchen. The colour said to be the most versatile. Add a dash of navy to your cabinetry and see how it changes the look of your kitchen. 

Make Your Kitchen Look Grand By Accessorizing It

Accessories for the kitchen? Oh yes! Did you think only you could buy and wear accessories? The current trend is all about accessorizing your kitchen. Add pendants, lanterns, exclusive doorknobs, handles, and luxurious chandeliers, and you will find yourself dancing your way to the kitchen. If you are the queen of your kitchen, it is high time you make the kitchen as grand as a castle; the only difference will be instead of a tiara, you will be wearing an apron!

Keep The Technology Out Of Sight 

The newer kitchen design often tends to hide away the technology and the appliances like the coffee machine, or induction hobs. Not just that, but there is a growing demand for moveable surfaces. It is because moveable surfaces allow for more free space for you to work freely. Homeowners are also increasingly opting for hidden drawers and sliding doors to maximize the space in the kitchen. Have a small kitchen that looks cramped and cluttered? Call upon a professional and renovate your kitchen right away!

Multifunctional Troughs 

Sinks can be used for far more things than just washing dishes or washing your hands after meal preparation. It can be used as wine coolers and even as wine racks! Do you want just a simple sink in your kitchen, now that you know about multifunctional troughs? Your man would love having wine or beer cooler in your kitchen!

Move Away The Chairs Bring In The Benches 

Chairs are old school; interior designers are urging homeowners to bring in benches instead and create a banquette style seating arranged that’s comfier and more homely. A banquette style seating arrangement makes the kitchen more than just a place for cooking meals but a place where you can relax and unwind. Benches also entirely change the look of your kitchen. Did you ever think just moving away the chairs and replacing them with benches would do the trick? 

It’s All About Going Dark 

This year it is all about dark colours. Previously pastel colours and more vibrant colours used to be the popular choice for homeowners, but now the majority of the homeowners are opting for darker colours like black and what is darker than black, right? Believe it or not, but black kitchens look gorgeous, they look darkly inviting. Interior designers recommend opting for dark wood tables and chairs and painting the kitchen walls the neutral shade of grey or biscuit beige to complement the darker colours. 

Keep in mind all these new trends when you renovate your kitchen!