How to Store a Mattress

How to Store a Mattress
How to Store a Mattress

Knowing how to store a mattress the right way is something which surprisingly few people know. Without proper care, your mattress can lose its shape, become permanently damaged, attract mould, and become very uncomfortable.

Nobody wants to replace their mattress after they unpack their storage unit because mattresses are expensive. Here are some tips for safely storing any mattress, whether it is a regular spring mattress or a memory foam mattress.

Cover the Mattress Before You Store It

Covering your mattress properly is crucial if you want to keep it in good condition. If you wish to do this, you can either use a special plastic mattress cover (recommended) or wrap it completely in plastic sheeting. 

The mattress fibres will be prevented from settling with dust. Regardless of how clean and sealed off your storage unit is, this can still happen. In addition to protecting the mattress against pests, moisture, and mould and mildew, plastic mattress covers also protect the mattress from pests. 

When you cover the mattress with plastic, make sure it is completely dry. Additionally, you should cover it before you move, not just when you get to the storage facility. 

Store Your Mattress Flat

When it comes to learning how to store a mattress, the most important thing is to keep it flat. Unfortunately, many people fail to remember this step. By keeping the mattress on as flat a surface as possible, we are simulating how a mattress would lie on a bed. 

Many people slide their mattress into storage on its side. The coils and padding in the mattress can settle if you do this, leaving the mattress permanently misshapen. Memory foam mattresses are no different. The mattress will lose its shape if it is stored on its side for a long period of time. Gravity does not help you here.

The best solution is to keep the mattress flat as if it were still on your bed. Yes, it might seem like a waste of space, but it’s the only way to keep your mattress in perfect condition.

Don’t Place Anything On Top Of Your Mattress

While it may be tempting to stack boxes on top of your mattress, this will cause more damage than it’s worth. When your mattress is in storage, anything weighing it down will cause permanent damage. 

Never Store Your Mattress On the Floor

If you want to store your mattress flat, the first thing you probably think of is laying it on the ground. This is not a good idea. The mattress will be put at risk if flooding occurs if this is done. 

Rather than storing your mattress on the ground, place it on top of a table or container. If you wish, you can even store it on your bed, just as you would normally do.

Store the Mattress at the Right Temperature

When the mattress is kept in a humid environment, mould can grow and permanently damage it. The ideal humidity level for storing mattresses is less than 50%. If you want to store your items long term, you should look for a climate-controlled storage unit.

This won’t just help your mattress, but your other belongings will also remain in great condition when the air temperature and humidity level are just right. 

Move Your Mattress Correctly

You also have to think about how you’re going to get the mattress to the storage facility.Many people just strap the mattress to the roof of their car. This is not a good idea. In addition to the risk of damaging the coils and padding long-term, closely fastening the mattress can result in it flying across the highway. Lay the mattress down on a flat bed of a storage truck. It is best if the bed is covered. 

Let the Mattress Air After Storage

Once you do take the mattress out of storage, unwrap it and let it breathe for a bit before moving it inside. By letting the mattress air out, any odours from the storage unit or plastic will be removed, and it will be in a perfect condition for sleep.


Mattress storage is easy if you know how. The only thing you need to do is keep it flat and protect it from mould and mildew. If you follow the instructions above, your mattress will be in perfect condition when you take it out of storage