How to Remove Stains and Keep Home Clean

How to Remove Stains and Keep Home Clean
How to Remove Stains and Keep Home Clean. Image source: Pixabay

It is normal for your home to be unclean once in a while. This may be due to stains from spilled wine, chocolates, etc. However, you shouldn’t wait until you have visitors to degrime and degunk your home. So as you read on, you’ll learn essential tips to remove any stain. These tips, according to Bennetts Carpet Cleaning, will help you keep your appliances, floors, linens, carpets, and every other stuff in your home pristine.

Getting a stain on your furniture, clothing, or carpet can be quite frustrating. But reading through this will help to solve the problem, as you’ll understand how to remove stubborn stains permanently. Hence, you wouldn’t have to throw away your stained clothes or items any longer. Here are the tips to follow:

Pre-treat stains as soon as possible

Before we identify the different common stains and how you can remove them, you must know the primary aspect of removing stains. And that is to pre-treat the stain as quickly as you can. The sooner that you can soak the stained clothing, the better chances you have of removing the stain.  Better still, use enzyme detergents. Due to its formulation, an enzyme detergent helps to break down proteins and lift out stains completely.

Now we’ll move to specific stains that can make your home messy, and the best possible ways to remove them. They are:

  • Red Wine

When it comes to red wine spilling on your clothes or any surface, use teaspoonfuls of salt to cover such stain. What happens when you do this is that the salt absorbs the color, making it turn pink. After that, you should use cold water and enzyme detergent in soaking the garment. Allow the soaking to be for hours, or overnight. Perhaps you cannot get to wash the garment immediately, then try to use the Tide-to-Go stain remover on it.

  • Grass

Where you or your kids have been having fun or relaxing on the grass, some pieces of grass could likely stick to your clothing and cause a stain. All you need to do is to apply detergent exactly on the stain. Then rub the fabric together. Without rinsing out the soap, add the garment to other items you’d like to wash and wash them together. The grass stains are sure to come off when you do these.

  • Mud

When the mud is dry, brush it off as much as possible. Then use a gentle soap and water to wash the fabric. If there is still any stain after rinsing, then use a mixture of water and vinegar to remove it. Finish the washing off with an enzyme detergent.

For those items that you can’t put into your washing machine, first, allow the mud dry on the item. Then brush it off and use liquid dishwashing soap to work on the stain. Finally, rinse out the soap with some cold water.

Materials you need for cleaning

Apart from these stains, you may also have ink, grease, or blood stains to worry about. To remove these kinds of stains, you should get the following materials handy. Apart from helping to remove stains, you can also use them to clean different areas of your home correctly. These supplies include:

  • Broom
  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Stiff-bristled brush
  • Cleaning candy (not compulsory, but very necessary)
  • Garden hose (this will help in cleaning your yard)
  • Dusting cloths (the microfiber ones work best)
  • Mineral oil
  • Lint roller
  • Gloves (for protecting your hands)
  • Mop, etc

We’ll now move on to specific areas of the home that are more vulnerable to stains. Although every corner of your home should be free from dirt, there are some areas you should be meticulous about. And besides the health benefits of having a clean apartment, your home will also be fit to receive guests. You should consider rooms such as:

  1. Bathrooms

Scrub all your showers, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Before you start with your bathroom, spray down the tub with a multipurpose cleaner. This will make the tub soak for some time, and any accumulated soap or oil in the bathtub will break up and dissolve. Repeat the process with your sinks and toilet bowls. This will make scrubbing out stains much more straightforward.

  1. Kitchen

Wipe down your cabinets using a wet rag. Then gently dust off any dirt inside or outside the doors of the cabinet. In the case of a grease splatter, put the cloth in a bowl of undiluted vinegar. This will help remove the grease. Some cabinets end up swelling after contact with too much water. So always squeeze out water from the rag before using it on the wood. Then dry the wood surface with tissue paper after cleaning.

  1. Bedrooms

Wash your bedding, i.e., duvet covers, shams, and bed skirts regularly to remove sweat stains and dirt. Also, freshen your mattress up by applying baking soda on top of it. Allow the sprinkled baking soda to stay for about an hour, and vacuum the baking soda back up. You can use shaving cream in removing mattress stains also.

  1. Living rooms

Remove all the cushions from your chairs and couches. Then vacuum the empty spaces underneath. Be careful to identify the corners where dust and crumbs may be occupying. Scrub with a bristle brush and use isopropyl alcohol to extract stains from the chair fabrics.

For stains on your carpets or rugs, use a shampoo to do the cleaning. Steam cleaners or pet stain removers are also useful for the task. For the wooden furniture in your living room, you can use a hairdryer to dry up water stains on them. And, you can treat the wood with mineral oil.

In conclusion

Homes are generally prone to wear and tear. Therefore, there is a need always to maintain it. What better way to maintain your home than to clean it? Apply all the tips mentioned, and you will feel more comfortable than ever before in your home.

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