How to plan and design a home office

Office interior designing is tough, especially if you are not keen on hiring an expert or a designer who can help you out. Whether you are planning to add a nice home office or simply a great design within the annex, there are some things that you have to keep in mind when it comes to designing a nice home office. It is also essential that your home office should be an inviting place that is comfortable and a place where you can spend some time and get the work done in the right manner.

  1. Location matters most

The first thing you must consider is the location. Of course, you will be spending several hours at your home office, but never stiff yourself within just one space. You need to be able to relax, breathe and enjoy yourself while working. Also, you should consider the traffic flow as well as the ability to stand against distractions. Do you work somewhere far within a space that is quiet or do you need a place where clients stop by? Keep all of these in mind before designing your home office. That would do about 30% of the job.

  1. Never sacrifice form

The desk, storage and shelves should never be compromised with. See the kind of work flow you have and then what kind of items would you need before you invest into something like furniture. Take a look at the places that are functional as well as beautiful. The home office furniture should always be able to complement the other rooms instead of just one cubicle that has literally no soul. If your house is very traditional in terms of appearance, you should consider the space. A nice home office may also feature some modern furniture or even some artistic pieces.

  1. Use the colour of your choice

Your house should be painted with the colours you love. You don’t always have to go for the same old neutral colours like beige. It’s your office so you should pick a colour that makes you excited. After all, you will be working in it. Make it all bright and cheery. Orange or even lime green is a pretty smart option. There are others who could use a nice calming shade such as sea blue or sea foam. Take a look at how these colours affect your mood and then make your final decision.


  1. A good view is important 

Make sure to position your office essentials in such a way that makes you feel inspired. Make sure it is not some blank wall where you are randomly glancing. Instead, make sure it’s a window with a beautiful view outside. Natural views are always beautiful and the light makes it even better. However, if you are in a space that has no windows, then hang a picture over the desk or even position the chair to face your doors.

  1. Make your home look comfortable

Unless you have that contemporary look, you should pick extras that improve the comfortable feeling of your office. This could be something like a pretty mug, a trendy notepad, some sticky notes or even a nice pencil holder. A trendy looking waste basket is also a nice option. Make sure you have some prints on the wall that look inspiration. It could be images of a quote that you like or even some classic painting. Overall, the office should make you feel comfortable once you walk in.

  1. Have some good lighting

Do you know how important it is to have good lighting at your home? Make sure that the office you are planning to work in has a whole lot of light. This will cut down all the headaches and strains. You could position the monitor of the computer in such a way so that there is no glare from the light overhead. A nice look desk lamp is also useful. Overall, the lighting should be good enough.

So, these are the important tips we had to suggest. If you liked them and found the ideas useful, do let us know in the comment box below. We are keen on hearing from you.